Nov 22, 2013

Happies and Crappies

Hello friendies! I'm TRYING so hard to blog again, I don't know why I just can't find the motivation! Anywho, thought I'd join this fun lil linkup to keep things moving...
Linking up with Brunch with Amber today!


New iPad Air!

I have been fiending for an iPad for like years and have been sitting on a phat Apple gift card from last Christmas. I've been waiting and waiting for the new iPad Mini to come out and it finally did. So, I marched my little self down to the Apple store and lo and behold, they talked me into the big dude. I'm obsessed with the thing already. Test blog from the iPad coming soon...


Tomorrow afternoon the Ginger and I are enjoying a delightful Friendsgiving celebration with some of our best pals. We are signed up to bring a veggie casserole and pie. I'm attempting a new brussels sprouts casserole (so trendy right now) and an old standby -- Bananoffee Pie. Can't wait to celebrate with my Austin family!

The Weather

It's cold today! Actual fall times might have finally found their way to Austin. Who knew?! I'm loving snuggling up in my slippers and cozy jammies (I work at home) today. Woo hoo! I think this calls for a Starbuck's run this weekend, I really enjoy it most when it's chilly.

Moon Taxi

The Ginger and I (well, more him) have an awesome friend in a band that's BLOWING up. They're called Moon Taxi out of Nashville, TN. Our pall is the fabulous drummer! They came to play a show at one of our favorite venues in Austin Monday night I'm still basking in the funs had and how proud I am of him. This is them playing the David Letterman Show last week:

Check 'em out!


The Weather!

Yes, it's a happy and a crappy. Bless Central Texas' little indecisive heart. Earlier this week it was a balmy 83 degrees. This morning, I awoke to drizzle and a high of 43. What season are you doing right now? Make up your mind, Austin! I'm also a little sad that it may force the Friendsgiving festivities indoors. :(

Work is Killing Me a Little

This week I've had a particularly annoying little task to handle for a prospective client. Without getting into it too much, sometimes the politics, red tape and bureaucracy of the corporate world really get me down. I've had a few "what am I doing with my life?" moments this week, which can't be good. Eff the man, I just want to raise poodles for a living. I wish I were kidding.

Christmas Stress

Every year I seem to get worried about my holiday elving a little bit earlier. I'm already starting to feel the heat of getting gifts figured out (the Ginger is a particular stumbling block), get my cards out the door and managing to enjoy the festivity all at the same time. Thats kind of an old lady thing, I guess. Lists are being made. Lots of lists.

Whatever the hell this is:

I've been off the Kardashian train for a while now, but come on, is that really KimK topless backwardsing on his motorcycle? There are actually a lot of things in the video that are pretty bizarre. It's worth a watch through, if for no other reason than to know what not to do as a new mom. I shouldn't probably take it so personally, but it just really grates my nerves. (Is that another old lady thing? Is there a trend forming here?)

Happy Weekend to ya, friendies! 

If you need me I'll be baking up a storm and getting into the holiday spirit! (I might also be staving of my paranoia of becoming an oldie with some debauchery...)


  1. Kim K and Kanye are just too much. And so is that video. Enough said. I hope work gets better--I run into crappy stuff like that at my job, too. Sometimes you just have to power through!
    Hope you have a wonderful Friendsgiving (we are going to one tomorrow, too but I haven't decided what to bring/make yet--OOPS!). Have a great weekend--glad to see you back around the blog parts :)

  2. Don't let work get you down...this too shall pass. But I hope you're going to have some actual turkey at your Hipstergiving.

  3. Keep pushing and break the ceiling. Don't let work to get on your nerve.

  4. Hi happiness dont stop blogging. There are very few people who bring happiness to others. Keep up the work. Keep motivating people...

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