Oct 30, 2013

Some Things Never Change

Like me, for example.

Hello all. I'm rejoining the blog world... or trying. I've fallen off the bloggy wagon these last few months and apparently banged my head. HARD. Something happened while I was away...

Everyone and their mom (well maybe not the moms) are having babies. Suddenly, they've popped up everywhere. Don't get me wrong, a couple of my best friends have recently added little precious angels to their brood, and those ones I love. It's all the random reminders in the social media world that make cringe a little.

Take Pinterest for example. I revisited that dude this afternoon looking for some "Pin-spiration" to get back up on that bloggy horse and this is what I found:

One is actually about breastfeeding. I can barely wrap my head around that whole thing, btw.

Now, I'm not done with Pinterest, or all these mommys by any means, but come on people. I need more piglets, puppies and pies here.

(Cue existential crisis about how I'm not evolving and still just want all the puppies and pies in the world.)

As a quick aside, yesterday I got to enjoy a lovely lunch with one of my BFFs and her new little dreamboat of a daughter:

I'd take a bullet for that kid ... and am excited to see the kind of person she becomes. And she's good at hugs, despite having tiny arms and a neck that needs holding.

My head is all wonky about this baby topic. Is that the infamous "biological clock" I've always heard of? It can't be, right?

I don't know what I'm saying. I guess I just decided to return to the internet all of a sudden and got reminded of what I already know... people grow up.

I guess in my own way I am too, but for now, if you need me, I'll be the one binge watching premium cable shows, baking things that make me dissatisfied with my waistline and figuring out new and creative gifts for new mommys (seems like I need to just ride this wave). That lucky Ginger.

PS: I've got some post ideas in by back pocket about all the aforementioned pastimes. Get excited.

Missed you. 


  1. Welcome back!!

    Yes, you should see my Facebook feed. It's like the internet threw up babies.

  2. WELCOME BACK! You've been missed around these parts!
    I hear you about the baby train. A lot of my coworkers and friends are recently pregnant and I'm like "wait, when did this happen?" but I guess it's to be expected when you're 30 (I just dont FEEL 30...).
    So glad you're back!

  3. Yay!!! Welcome back to blogland!!

  4. Yay, you're back! Can I just say that I have two little monsters, but I'm still always binge watching cable shows (Every episode of Breaking Bad in 10 days!) and my Pinterest boards hardly have anything to do with my kids. Oops. Haha!


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