Oct 31, 2013

Halloween #TBT

Hello again, two days in a row. That's right. Proud.

As I'm perusing the internets this slow work morning, I'm a little sad to be a home office-er today. I'm really missing the fun that is costume, candy and treats on an adult work Halloween Thursday. The Ginger and I have some festivity planned for tonight, but I want to have fun RIGHT NOW. 

He left home this morning pre-giggling at what he perceives as the funniest hat ever:

I'll leave the determination whether it's the "funniest ever" up to you.

Perusing for a good #TBT for Instagram, I enjoyed my little walk down Halloween memory lane... Here are some gems:

A fire man woman

This was sophomore year of college and I bought this costume at Walgreens hours before the party. Not my best work.

(2006 is inexplicably missing. I literally have NO idea what happened to that one, and now I can't even think of what I was. Either it sucked or was epic.)

Playboy Bunny

Honestly, I wish I could tell ya what I was thinking. Well, I was thinking I was skinny enough to wear that. Weird.

Alice in Wonderland

This was a fun one, except obviously I got red drank all over it once I got to the bars. Didn't get the rental deposit back on that dude. #typical

Tweedle Dee

That was the year all of my friends dressed sexy and classy and I wore high-waisted fupa sweatpants. God knows I was more comfy. Yikes.

German Beer Girl

This one is also a relic of waistelines past. The notice this dress has a boob shelf that pops over the bodice part. Weird, weird feeling. Also, pigtails, you'll never otherwise catch me in pigtails.

Planet Earth

My proudest costume work to date. I made a glittery replica of the continents on my body and had space/stars on my arms and legs. Also, thats the moon on my head. I dare you to find an excuse to put a moon on your head. Word to the wise, I'm still picking green glitter out of weird places after this one. Not kidding.

Olive Oyl (and Popeye)

Not a great photo, but fun costume. I love wearing a wig on occasion. Also, if you ever decide to drink beer out of a spinach can, don't. It will taste like spinach.

Happy Happy Halloween!


  1. Those are great. I love Olive Oyl and Popeye!

  2. I'm so happy you are blogging again! I seriously missed your blog (and you!). Love the Olive Oyl & Popeye! Are you dressing up tonight?

  3. I love the popeye and olive oyl one! So cute!
    So glad you're back, two days in a row!!


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