May 3, 2013

Things That Make Me Uncomfortable

Day 3, y'all! What you're seeing here is me actually starting something and sticking with it. I know, it's weird.
See the prompts here.

Day 3: Things that make you uncomfortable

Honestly, there are alot of things in this world that make me tense. I have weirdnesses galore. I really can't tell you where most of these quirks came from, I guess if I did they wouldn't be "quirks".


Really though, I hate it. It's a a pretty common thing, I guess. I once saw Food Network's Unwrapped about Hellman's Mayo and it made me want to vom. The ingredients are pretty much just like lard, eggs and vinegar. Heavy emphasis on the lard. Lots of lard. I will say that I've recently found one shining exception: DEVILED EGGS. I'm on a weird kick where they're all I want to eat. I'm aware of, and enjoy the mayo element in them. What can I say, I'm a very complicated woman.

Gaged ears

It seems like every person in the food service industry in the city of Austin is covered in tattoos. I'm fine with that, frankly I enjoy looking at what people are tatted up with. But, about half of them also have gaged ears. Like hugely gaged ears. I don't know why, but I always seem to notice these ear things on waiters and bartenders... maybe that's just where I hang out. Anyway, it makes my stomach turn a little. Something about it just makes me really really tense and queasy.

Wet Shoes or Socks

I hate, hate if my footwear gets wet. I've always been this way, from muddy soccer games as a kid to accidentally stepping in puddles as a grown up, I just hate that damp, bubbly feeling in my shoes. Last week I had to hose mud off of my tennis shoes then put them right back on and had a mini meltdown. I've always hated it. A girl needs dry toes, dammit.


I am a dog person, we all know that. But, it goes a little further, I'm almost fully anti-cat. There are a couple of reasons. First of all, they're sneaky. You never know what they're doing and they always seem to be lurking in the corner ready to pounce at any time. Secondly, they poop inside. Beyond that, they poop in a box inside, stomp around in it, then jump up on the counters. That's DISGUSTING. Lastly, they have claws. I'm constantly worried that cats are going to scratch out my eyes or something. Thats irrational paranoia, I know, I am who I am.


I think probably 90% of men have ugly/weird feet. I'm not like super sicked out by feet, but I don't feel like I really need to see them, especially ones belonging to men. So, mandals, make me a little tense. I've always had a weird thing about it. Something in my mind just thinks that a proper grown man should be wearing shoes. Now of course watery/summery occasions (i.e. pools, lakes, rivers, boating, etc.) don't count. You gotta flop it up at those times, but otherwise, cover those toes up, dudes!

Unmade beds

This is a little bit new in my life. For some reason, I cannot stand when my sheets/comforter/pillows are in disarray when I'm not in the bed. Even if its a half-ass covers pull back job, I've gotta straighten it out a little bit. And when I'm in bed, the fitted sheet has to be totally taut. It has to be. I will get up, turn on the lights and fix it if its out of place.  This one is weird, I didn't grow up this way. I got OCD about it in my own adult way. Scary. What's next?

In other news, it's FRIDAY. Tonight I'm headed down to the San Antonio riverwalk for a little girls weekend reunion with some sorority sisters. We are treating it as an early Cinco De Mayo celebration. I expect to consume around 3 trillion calories in margaritas and queso and I don't even feel bad about it. I might change my tune Sunday, but for now, freaking PUMPED.

Have a magical weekend!


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