May 14, 2013

Ten things that give me the happies

Happy Tuesday, friends! Hope you're not getting sick of me blogging Every Day in May. Given yesterdays little bit of a downer post, I'm really loving today:

Day 14: Ten things that make you really happy

1. Chuy 

I mean, come on, people. Look at this little face:

2. Ginger

Double duh.

3. Wine dates with girlfriends

I have a weekly standing date with some of my main beeotches as of late at our favorite little wine spot. They do a deal for $2 glasses of house wine, but the chatting is really the appeal. I love that it gives us a weekly excuse to get together and gab, catch up on our weeks and make new fun plans. It's nice to just reset with the ladies for the week. Two friends just moved into the neighborhood, so I'm really excited to hopefully expand our group even more!

4. Sunny Days in the ATX

I live in the best place. It's about to be summer, which is the best time to be an Austininte:
Deep Eddy Pool ... a favorite.

5. Blogging

I go through serious creativity droughts here and there, but blogging really does bring me a lot of joy. I really enjoy having the creative outlet, sharing all my miscellaneous goings on and making "friends" out there in the blogosphere. I'm hoping this little May challenge gets my juices flowing and I keep the ball rolling. I hate when I'm off the blogging wagon. Yay!

6.  Baking

You all know this. I love to bake. Cupcakes, cookies, tarts, bars ... whatever. I just LOVE it. The Ginger got me this ...
... for my birthday and I'm ecstatic to try some new things! Find some of my tried and true recipes here or here.

7.  Television

I've always been a big TV watcher. I  guess I kind of get it from my mom, but I've always just loved it. I really enjoy unwinding from the day with some of my favorite friends of the small screen. I try to do more productive things with my brain when I can, but I seem to always find myself back with a remote in my hand. DVR of course is something that I can't live without. Right now I'm really into these:

8. SnapChat

Are you using SnapChat? I've recently gotten totally addicted to it because of the little nugget. I love the sending of silly photos and videos. If you're not aware, you can send pics/vids to friends, they can only view them for up to 10 seconds then they're gone forever! (I'm sure they're on the internet out in space somewhere, but they're gone to me). I think teenagers use it to show each other their private parts, but the nugget and I just use for quick little check-ins and giggles. Can't get enough.

9. Pinkberry

It really is the little things in life. We just got our first Pinkberry yogurt in Austin and I'm THRILLED. It was the first tart frozen yogurt I ever tried (in NYC when I was being fabulous for a summer) and I've never found one as good, despite copious efforts. It's a little far from home in the suburbs, but they'll sell pints that stay good in the freezer for days. Yes, please! Sometimes you just need a sweet treat, ya know? And if I'm going to spend calories on dessert, it better be the best!

10. Summer and general life excitement

I've got some fun new adventures and trips coming around the bend. I love the feeling of having exciting things to look forward to. Tell ya more as it all shakes out. :)

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  1. I love all of these!
    I heard something on the radio about snap chat, and someone figured out a way to access the snap chat photos since they ARE stored somewhere on your phone. So...don't use it for nefarious purposes! :) Love the photo of your pup and the Ginger :)

  2. This list just made me smile! :) And Mad Men/New Girl are definitely on my happy list as well.

  3. Mad Men rules. You ought to try Yummilicious - I don't know if Pinkberry has Taro yogurt, but it's the best.


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