May 20, 2013


I'm still TRYING to blog Every Day in May. (As sort of a part of the post below, I've gotta tell you I'm struggling a little with this challenge. Hey, it is a CHALLENGE after all. But have high hopes for this week!)

Day 20: Get Real. Share something your struggling with right now

If we're being totally honest, right now I'm struggling with the Monday-ness of today. I had LOTS of fun with the Ginger and friends this weekend and am hating that it's over. You know it's a good weekend when he goes fully unbuttoned in the middle of a show:

Anyway, I guess I could get serious for a second...

I've kind of mentioned this before, but right now I'm really struggling with comparing myself to what other people are doing in their lives. I feel like Facebook and Instagram are totally clogged up with weddings, babies and new houses these days. I can't help but think that I should be getting it together. I feel behind the game or something. It makes me go a little crazy. Way too crazy.

I guess now's as good a time as any to mention that I'm taking a pretty huge step and moving in with the Ginger. I am so so excited! We've been kind of talking and trying to figure out how to make it work for a while and it's finally kind of coming together! This time next month I'll be all shacked up!

So that being said ... in the sane part of my brain, I know that I'm taking big steps in my little adult journey over here, but in the crazy part of my brain, I still for some reason feel behind the game. It's stupid and I need to figure out how to shake it. Like now. So true:

So if you need me, I'll be nervously packing and pinning stuff for our new abode. There's been pinning. Lot's of pinning. Prepare for a summer of recipes and DIY-ing while I'm nesting. He has no idea what he's in for....

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  1. hahah well first of all CONGRATS on moving in together. It's a big step, but it can be SO fun!

    As for the other part, been there done that (and still doing it to an extent), but what I've realized in my wise old age(at least I like to think I'm semi wise), is that you need to do thing on your time line. Sure, some people get married at 24. Those same people sometimes end up divorced at 27 or 32 or whatever. It's worth it to take the time to know who YOU are before getting into a serious relationship. I look back at where I was at 25 even and if I had gotten married then, I certainly wouldn't be happy right now (not saying that people can't be happy). I figured out who I was, and what I was looking for, and now that I've found it, it was TOTALLY worth the wait.
    So, I promise, as cliche as it sounds--it will happen when it's supposed to. Someone else's timeline isn't YOUR timeline.

  2. Are you moving in because all your friends are married, having babies and buying houses? If so, that's not a good idea. I say that as a Mother, person old enough to be your Mother. Playing house, isn't the same thing as being married and really having a commitment to each other. If you're not ready for marriage, don't let the pressures of those around you get to you.

  3. So first of all, I love that quote you very true. And I totally can relate with feeling like you are behind (facebook has a way of shoving these things in our faces...seriously. Everyone and their mother is pregnant, getting married, or is engaged right now). But I am slowly realizing that my timeline is my own, and I am accomplishing and doing things that I can be proud of (and should be)...and I'm sure that you are too! Also...congrats on moving in! My hubby and I lived together before getting married and we learned so much about each other and had so much fun!! Good luck moving!!


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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