May 30, 2013

Letting Go

TODAY, the Ginger and I are headed to beautiful St. Louis, MO to celebrate the wedding of one of his oldest friends. I'm really looking forward to visiting with our Alabama/Tennessee friends and exploring a brand new city! Expect a copious photo recap...

Anywho, while I'm hurriedly getting all ready to go, almost done with this:

Day 30: React to this term: Letting Go

Hmmm, this is a serious one. Isn't it?

For me, "Letting Go" means accepting change as its it happening around you. Letting go is figuring out how to say goodbye to things you love and figuring out new things to take their place in your life. And even more that that ... being ok with it.

In my little adult life I've had a big breakup and the coming and going of best friends to teach me this. In the case of the breakup, I didn't want it. I wanted the opposite to happen for us. I was devastated. But, I decided to just buck up, move to a different city and just figure out my new path. (Mind you, that decision was made after weeks and weeks of wallowing and misery, definitely still not perfect) Now, I wouldn't trade that decision for anything. I look back on that relationship and take stock of all the great things in my world now, and wish I'd moved on sooner. Same story with the friendships. Things change, you just gotta bounce.

So for me, letting go is just kind of rolling with it when stuff doesn't go your way. You have to be proactive for yourself and focus on new great things to fill up your days. My letting go is letting go of the past, I guess.

It reminds me of this quote that I LOVE:

Welp, was that serious enough for you?

Have a magical Thursday lovelies!

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