May 12, 2013

Happy Mothers Day! Also, I miss college.

I'm a lucky little ducky to have a great mom to celebrate this Mothers' Day:
She's taught me so, so much and I wouldn't be who I am without her moral compass, smarts, tip and tricks, ageless beauty (thanks especially for that one) and support. (Read more here and here.)

Happy Mother's Day!

Let's not forget, I'm still blogging Every Day in May:

Day 12: What do you miss?

This is such a cliche answer, but I really really miss college. Today I'm still in Fort Worth for the little nugget's graduation and it's been a blast. She's set up an awesome little life for herself here in cool town and with great friends. Hanging with those little pups (a nickname bred from a humilating story of mine) makes me really miss those good old days. Here's why:


I've mentioned this before. But I made some great, great, life-long buddies during my time at UT. I had wonderful roommates, and made some amazing friends through my sorority, I really got lucky. Here's a little mixture of both groups circa 2007:


I was good at being a student. Not to toot my own horn, but school stuff has always come easy to me. I didn't spend much time being stressed out or overwhelmed. The working world has been far, far more challenging. I'll admit, I didn't opt for the most rigorous majors (Journalism), but I guess maybe I just liked it and it didn't feel like work? I always got great grades and kind of got them by skating by.

Financial Freedom

That seems a little backwards, because I actually was pretty poor. I miss not having to think about how much I'm getting paid, how much I should be saving, how much it costs to do what I want to do. I was just used to being hungry and figured out how to master it. These days, I worry alot about my finances. I'm constantly wondering if I'm doing enough to be stable, whether I should get paid more, etc. I miss the days of Ramen and not thinking about it.

Theme Parties

I love a theme. I love costumes. That's just that. We don't get enough of them in the adult world. Here are some faves:

Texas Roundup

Game Day

I love football games and tailgating. It was a full day of spring break every week. I still live in Austin and have gotten to do it here and there, but it's just not the same! Honestly, is there any color as great as burnt orange?

Getting to do whatever the F I want

Don't feel like going to school today? No problem. Hate this class? Drop it. This party sucks? There's another one next door. Want to eat 5 million slices of pizza? No big deal, you're 18. It's Tuesday and half price queso starts at 2? Perfect, class is done at 1. You get my drift. The adult world is ridden with "have tos". I don't care who you are, grown ups have too many "have tos.'

Ah, college days, how I love you.

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  1. Agree!! We live in the same town as our alma mater...and when I drive by I get that nostalgic feeling. I totally miss the days of not having to worry (or if I did worry it was about which party we should be attending...).

  2. Best 4 years of my life were college. Can't believe how fast it flew by. Such a nice bubble college is!

  3. Theme parties! I love costumes, too. This is why it's so important to cultivate an air of eccentricity...I have a costume party for my birthday each year, and some people think that's weird, but they say, "well, that's just Chris."

  4. Ah, college...I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!! And for all the same reasons you listed. Such a simpler, cheap queso filled time.


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