May 30, 2013

Letting Go

TODAY, the Ginger and I are headed to beautiful St. Louis, MO to celebrate the wedding of one of his oldest friends. I'm really looking forward to visiting with our Alabama/Tennessee friends and exploring a brand new city! Expect a copious photo recap...

Anywho, while I'm hurriedly getting all ready to go, almost done with this:

Day 30: React to this term: Letting Go

Hmmm, this is a serious one. Isn't it?

For me, "Letting Go" means accepting change as its it happening around you. Letting go is figuring out how to say goodbye to things you love and figuring out new things to take their place in your life. And even more that that ... being ok with it.

In my little adult life I've had a big breakup and the coming and going of best friends to teach me this. In the case of the breakup, I didn't want it. I wanted the opposite to happen for us. I was devastated. But, I decided to just buck up, move to a different city and just figure out my new path. (Mind you, that decision was made after weeks and weeks of wallowing and misery, definitely still not perfect) Now, I wouldn't trade that decision for anything. I look back on that relationship and take stock of all the great things in my world now, and wish I'd moved on sooner. Same story with the friendships. Things change, you just gotta bounce.

So for me, letting go is just kind of rolling with it when stuff doesn't go your way. You have to be proactive for yourself and focus on new great things to fill up your days. My letting go is letting go of the past, I guess.

It reminds me of this quote that I LOVE:

Welp, was that serious enough for you?

Have a magical Thursday lovelies!

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May 29, 2013

Songs, Memories, Nostalgia

Really in the home stretch of my little challenge here:

Day 29: Five songs that speak to you or bring back memories. Use Grooveshark to include

Ooooh, I really like this one. I tried to choose ones from the various chapters of my little life so far...and had to mention six:

Strawberry Wine by Deana Carter

Strawberry Wine by Deana Carter on Grooveshark
Middle school dances. I remember having some of my first slow dances to this sweet jam. So romantic and so epic. Then our moms picked us up from the middle school gym and we went home and giggled all night about boys. Middle school is so weird.

Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac

Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac on Grooveshark
High school. This reminds me so much of a specific friend of mine. We would jam out so hard to Fleetwood Mac and drive around the neighborhood with the windows down like we owned the place. Turns out we just had cars, that's it.

Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond

Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond on Grooveshark
College. Every frat house, every bar, every time. One specific ex-roommate of mine would always go particularly bananas for this track, but honestly we all were doing the same. The fist pumping. Oh, the fist pumping.

Umbrella by Rihanna

Umbrella - Rihanna & Jay-Z by Rihanna on Grooveshark
New York. The summer I interned up in the big city, this song was everywhere. It felt like every time we went out it was on repeat. I still hear it and think of eating Ramen in my crapy dorm room, getting fancied up and going to clubs like we belonged. It also reminds me a lot of my little booger of a partner in crime that summer.

Single Ladies by Beyonce

Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) by Beyoncé on Grooveshark
Dallas. I danced the Single Ladies dance bi-weekly during my two years living up in The Big D. I'm not going to lie, I'm kind of good at it. I also went to alot of weddings around that time and really just owned those bouquet tosses that often feature this song.

Another Like You by Hayes Carll

Another Like You by Hayes Carll on Grooveshark
Austin and the Ginger. We'd only been dating a couple of weeks when he asked me to see Hayes Carll on New Years eve 2011/2012. Tons of friends ended up coming along and it was just a perfect and amazing night. Since then, we've seen him several other times and always crank up the Hayes on our way home at the end of party nights. Heart that Ginger.

Listening to these songs has been distraction city for me. I'll take it. :)

I'm doing an AMAZING GROUP GIVEAWAY with Brunch at Amber today. Go enter!

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May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend in Pictures

Back to work. Boo. Hiss. Hate. I had a FANTASTICAL long holiday weekend, and now have a SUPER short work week before heading to a St. Louis wedding this weekend. Lucky me! I fell a little off the wagon this weekend with this blog challenge, but I'm back up on that horse today:

Day 28: Only pictures

Perfect prompt for today. Here's everything I did this weekend in photos. Road trip. Wine country. Backyard BBQ. Soaking up sun with the Ginger.

Aaaahhh. Glorious holiday weekend. Wish I still had more of it to soak up.

One more thing:

I'm in an AMAZING GROUP GIVEAWAY with Brunch at Amber today. Go enter! 

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May 25, 2013

Competent and Underrated

Today I'm headed with some of my favorite people to the Texas hill country for some wine tasting, shopping, probably lots of eating and some quality friend time. It's going to be fabulous. Don't worry, this is still happening:

Day 25: Something someone told you about yourself that you'll never forget

A few weeks ago, a co-worker told me she told the bosses that she thinks I'm..

"competent and really underrated"

I don't know if I'll "never forget" it, but it's really stuck with me as a little affirmation/mantra to repeat to myself. On the surface level, it was a really nice thing of her to tell me, let alone brag on me to the bosses. When I think harder about it, I think that's a good little pat on the back to give myself in a lot of areas of my life. It makes me want to do better at work, in relationships and kind of in my workouts. It's just a little reminder that I'm strong and can do things.

Needless to say, it meant alot ot me.

And now, on to my weekend. Have a great one friendies!

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May 24, 2013

My Top 3 Worst Traits

It's Friday and I'm FIENDING for this holiday weekend to get started. I've got a little hill country getaway planned, some backyard BBQing and lots of friend catch up time ahead of me. This day could not be going by any slower. Seriously. Over it.  Luckily, I have this distraction:

Day 24: Your top 3 worst traits

This prompt is really kind of  downer, but it's probably wise to stay in touch with the things I could be improving about myself. I once heard some quote that was all like, "change yourself while you still can," which I think is probably pretty smart. The worst stuff about me:

1.  Sometimes I talk too much. I think I get excited and overly dominate conversations. I try to catch myself doing it, but I think sometimes it's too late.

2. I tend to take things my friends are doing too personally. I guess I think more stuff other people are doing revolves around me and get too sensitive about it. Terrible quality in a person.

3. I can be a gossip. Sometimes I talk about people too much. I need to figure out how to resist the urge and just keep more stuff to myself.

So, there you have it. Tell me I'm not the worst.

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May 23, 2013

Life Lessons

I fell off the blogging wagon yesterday. Dangit. I really am trying with this thing, people. I like a challenge, but 31 consecutive days of blogging is tough. But, I'm back today:

Day 23: Things you've learned that school won't teach you

Honestly, where do I start? Here's just a smattering of little things I've picked up along the way...

-- Dog ownership is honestly one of the best things in the world. The built-in greeting every time you come home, the bed snuggles (if you're into that) and the little bark factory there to protect you are totally invaluable. Not to mention how all of the responsibility teachings are great practice for when you have a little human relying on you, or so I assume.

-- Being able to cook is important. If you can get kind of good in the kitchen and moderately enjoy it, you're in good shape. It saves you money and makes people look forward to what you'll bring to the party.

-- Figuring out how to go with the flow saves alot of migraines. I'm still working on it, but learning to just see where life takes you and learn how to have fun wherever you are makes so many things easier.

-- Sunscreen. LOTS of sunscreen. School kind of teaches that, but you're not in school when you start to see people your own age getting wrinkles.

-- It's ok to say no to things. You don't have to accept every invitation, show up at every happy hour, go on every trip. If its not right for you and your budget/schedule, thats fine. Right when I graduated, I spent too many dollars and hangovers on things that weren't worth it. I still do sometimes, but not as much. Progress, right?

-- Don't be a butthole in the workplace. Regardless of your competence at your job, being easy to work with, fair and helpful goes a long way. Being solution-oriented and giving credit and compliments when they're due makes people like you, which counts.

-- Friends come and go. Transitions happen. People move, get married, have babies, get into different things ... you gotta roll with it. What people do is often not about you, so don't take it that way.

-- Date someone who's fun. At the end of the day you have to be able to hang out.

-- Traffic only gets worse, things only get more expensive and dream jobs just get harder to find. That might seem pretty negative, but not if you embrace it and just keep bouncing along and having fun.

Reading back over this post, it seems that I have a bit of a recurring theme with the whole "go with the flow" thing. Maybe I should focus on it. :)

Enjoy the rest of this Thursday afternoon friendies!

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May 21, 2013

Favorite Posts

Happy Tuesday, friends! More bloggy challenging today...

Day 21: A list of links to your favorite posts in your archives

In no particular order, here are some standouts...

Homemade Whole Wheat Pizza

Not an extremely riveting one, but recipes are a major staple on this blog and I'm particularly proud of this one. I need to whip up another one of these pizza dudes soon!

Friends Are the Family You Choose

This one features an ABSURDLY sweet email I got from a friend in reference to a post where I'm a little down in the dumps. Reading back on it now still really feels great.

Space Blows my Mind

I'm a nerd for space, I really am. I haven't discussed it in a while, but this explains the origins of my odd and somewhat out-of-nowhere obsession with the final frontier.

Fresh Tat

I got a tattoo. And I blogged about it.

Chrismas Tour de Texas

This one says alot about my little Poodleist roots in this great state.

Peru Part 1 and Peru Part 2

I'm so proud of myself for completing this trip. Getting to blog about it is just a bonus.

Digging around in my old posts was a fun little odyssey this morning. I read back on TONS of old things and am actually feeling pretty proud of how far I've come! In almost 3 years I've written 771 posts. My life and blog has changed so much. It's nice to see a little physical manifestation of me growing up on this blog. Who knew that was happening?!?

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May 20, 2013


I'm still TRYING to blog Every Day in May. (As sort of a part of the post below, I've gotta tell you I'm struggling a little with this challenge. Hey, it is a CHALLENGE after all. But have high hopes for this week!)

Day 20: Get Real. Share something your struggling with right now

If we're being totally honest, right now I'm struggling with the Monday-ness of today. I had LOTS of fun with the Ginger and friends this weekend and am hating that it's over. You know it's a good weekend when he goes fully unbuttoned in the middle of a show:

Anyway, I guess I could get serious for a second...

I've kind of mentioned this before, but right now I'm really struggling with comparing myself to what other people are doing in their lives. I feel like Facebook and Instagram are totally clogged up with weddings, babies and new houses these days. I can't help but think that I should be getting it together. I feel behind the game or something. It makes me go a little crazy. Way too crazy.

I guess now's as good a time as any to mention that I'm taking a pretty huge step and moving in with the Ginger. I am so so excited! We've been kind of talking and trying to figure out how to make it work for a while and it's finally kind of coming together! This time next month I'll be all shacked up!

So that being said ... in the sane part of my brain, I know that I'm taking big steps in my little adult journey over here, but in the crazy part of my brain, I still for some reason feel behind the game. It's stupid and I need to figure out how to shake it. Like now. So true:

So if you need me, I'll be nervously packing and pinning stuff for our new abode. There's been pinning. Lot's of pinning. Prepare for a summer of recipes and DIY-ing while I'm nesting. He has no idea what he's in for....

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May 19, 2013

Favorite Blogs

Still trying to ROCK this bloggy challenge, y'all:

Day 19: Five of your favorite blogs and what you love about them

I just wrote last week about my favorite real-life friend bloggers, so today, I think I'll chat about some of my favorite and go-to places on the internet. My daily sources of worthless information, if you will. Brace yourselves, you're about to get a sad glimpse into all of the mostly mindless stuff I dump into my brain each day...


This one is a good mix of celeb news, various world news, life hacks, TV/Movie recaps, fashion, etc.. All kinds of lady issues are addressed. Daily read for me.

Suri's Burn Book

Not exactly new news, but still cracks me up EVERY TIME. The whole thing is kind of a trash talk about celebrities and their babies, written from the perspective of major sassquatch, Suri Cruise. Can't get enough.

My Friends are Married

This one is just a .gif farm with high-larious single girl jokes about everyone getting married, having babies and generally being un-fun.  It's basically alot of eye-rolling:

... which works out great for my sense of humor.


Obvs. All kinds of good stuff on here. It's a sister/brother site to the above-mentioned Jezebel, and has alot of similar things, just more serious stuff and less of the lady-minded flair.


This one is chalked full of local goings on, restaurant reviews, new activities around town, city news, funny local editorials and more. It's a good place to find stuff to do during the weekend or new restaurants to try. I'd actually love to write for it someday!

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May 18, 2013

Wash Your Hands Like the Indians

Happy Saturday! I'm taking it as easy as I can this weekend. I've been battling a wicked cough for days and have diagnosed myself with Bronchitis. All you can do is fluid and rest up. Boo. I'm getting SUPER stir crazy over here. But, I'm still blogging Every Day in May:

Day 18: Tell a story from your childhood

This story kind of lives in infamy with my dad and I. He throws it in my face every time I have a
"blonde" moment ... and that's alot.

As a kid my dad and I did the YMCA's Indian Princesses program. It was basically a father-daughter thing where we have weekly meetings, make Indian crafts and go on the occasional camping trip. I LOVED, LOVED it because all my best buds at the time were in it too and all the dads were pretty good friends.

One particular camping trip, the whole group had to walk down this long trail to get to our big camp-wide bonfire for the evening. Dragging a bunch of little girls this distance in the dark was no easy feat. We arrived to the camp and there was s'mores stuff ready there for us. Duh.

I got my hands SUPER marshmallowy and sticky. Like a total mess. One of the other dads in our group  suggested that I "wash my hands like the Indians". (mind you, this is the sweetest, most mild-mannered man, who you wouldn't expect pranks from...not like the smart aleck that my dad is) Apparently it entailed rubbing your messy (in my case EXTREMELY sticky), hands in the loose dirt on the ground. Yeah, it seems dumb. It was a complete joke. Stupid little me just went ahead and did it. As you can imagine, it created a MUCH larger mess. I was miserable and cried. My dad had to walk me all the way back down the trail to wash my hands at our campsite and then all the way back. He. was. pissed.

So, I was the butt of that joke for every subsequent Indian Princess trip and somewhat still today when I do something on the ditzy side. What the hell was I thinking rubbing my marshmallowy hands in the dirt? I deserve to be the butt of the joke.

Welp, there's that!

Have a fabulous weekend lovelies!

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May 16, 2013

My "Lot in life"

Happy Tuesday, friends! I'm still TRYING to blog Every Day in May. Yesterday I feel off the wagon. It's been kind of a crazy work week around here and I'm just having a hard time finding the spare time. But, that's why it's a challenge! I might try to make up for it next week. In the meantime...

Day 16: Something difficult about your "lot in life" and how you're working to overcome it

I've known this topic was coming and have been thinking about it all week. I really actually am pretty lucky in this life... I'm healthy. I have a loving and healthy family. I love my Ginger and friends. I've been to a good college. I've got a decent job. All that being said, I'm super grateful. Eternally grateful. Alot of people don't have it as good as I do, and I need to remember that more.

But, If I had to complain a little bit about the cards I've been dealt, I'd say I sometimes wish I'd gotten into a different line of work. I have a journalism degree and my company does corporate communications. From a strictly "liking what I do" standpoint, I'm pretty lucky to be able to call myself a writer in these times we live in. I know that.

But, girlfriend really could use some more dough. Miscellaneous communications practitioners are never going to be rolling in JayZ money. Not that I think I need that, but a little bit more of a future-sustaining income would be nice. I worry that I should be doing more to invest/save/prepare to be an actual grownup (I'm still convinced that hasn't happened). I'm SURE I should be doing more. Having looked around a little, I've decided this industry isn't going to get me there. But, is it worth a big change? Not right now, I don't think.

To overcome it? Budgeting. I'm getting good at it...or think I am.

As long as its just me and the poodle I have to take care of, I'm doing just fine. But I do worry about the future and worry I should have picked a different professional path for myself. For now, I'll just soak up getting to do something I like everyday.

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May 14, 2013

Ten things that give me the happies

Happy Tuesday, friends! Hope you're not getting sick of me blogging Every Day in May. Given yesterdays little bit of a downer post, I'm really loving today:

Day 14: Ten things that make you really happy

1. Chuy 

I mean, come on, people. Look at this little face:

2. Ginger

Double duh.

3. Wine dates with girlfriends

I have a weekly standing date with some of my main beeotches as of late at our favorite little wine spot. They do a deal for $2 glasses of house wine, but the chatting is really the appeal. I love that it gives us a weekly excuse to get together and gab, catch up on our weeks and make new fun plans. It's nice to just reset with the ladies for the week. Two friends just moved into the neighborhood, so I'm really excited to hopefully expand our group even more!

4. Sunny Days in the ATX

I live in the best place. It's about to be summer, which is the best time to be an Austininte:
Deep Eddy Pool ... a favorite.

5. Blogging

I go through serious creativity droughts here and there, but blogging really does bring me a lot of joy. I really enjoy having the creative outlet, sharing all my miscellaneous goings on and making "friends" out there in the blogosphere. I'm hoping this little May challenge gets my juices flowing and I keep the ball rolling. I hate when I'm off the blogging wagon. Yay!

6.  Baking

You all know this. I love to bake. Cupcakes, cookies, tarts, bars ... whatever. I just LOVE it. The Ginger got me this ...
... for my birthday and I'm ecstatic to try some new things! Find some of my tried and true recipes here or here.

7.  Television

I've always been a big TV watcher. I  guess I kind of get it from my mom, but I've always just loved it. I really enjoy unwinding from the day with some of my favorite friends of the small screen. I try to do more productive things with my brain when I can, but I seem to always find myself back with a remote in my hand. DVR of course is something that I can't live without. Right now I'm really into these:

8. SnapChat

Are you using SnapChat? I've recently gotten totally addicted to it because of the little nugget. I love the sending of silly photos and videos. If you're not aware, you can send pics/vids to friends, they can only view them for up to 10 seconds then they're gone forever! (I'm sure they're on the internet out in space somewhere, but they're gone to me). I think teenagers use it to show each other their private parts, but the nugget and I just use for quick little check-ins and giggles. Can't get enough.

9. Pinkberry

It really is the little things in life. We just got our first Pinkberry yogurt in Austin and I'm THRILLED. It was the first tart frozen yogurt I ever tried (in NYC when I was being fabulous for a summer) and I've never found one as good, despite copious efforts. It's a little far from home in the suburbs, but they'll sell pints that stay good in the freezer for days. Yes, please! Sometimes you just need a sweet treat, ya know? And if I'm going to spend calories on dessert, it better be the best!

10. Summer and general life excitement

I've got some fun new adventures and trips coming around the bend. I love the feeling of having exciting things to look forward to. Tell ya more as it all shakes out. :)

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May 13, 2013

Sorry for being a whiner

It's a brand new week. I'm trying my best to be all sunny and productive this Monday afternoon, but I'm feeling a little under the weather with a terrible cough. It's one of those where I don't want to do anything but curl up with some DVR. BUT, our stooooopid cable is out for the millionth time and I'm forced to suffer daytime television with commercials. Struggle city. That aside, I'm still blogging Every Day in May:

Day 13: Issue a public apology

Hmmm, I've found this little prompt to be quite the challenge. I try to be an immediate apologizer in my real relationships. When I feel like I've screwed up, I try to apologize right away. I feel like its the only way to move forward. But, I digress.

I think I want to make a public apology to all my sweet friends and family -- and of course the ever-patient Ginger -- who've had to suffer my complaints recently. I'm trying to figure out what I want to do with my professional and financial self and feel like I've been bitching alot about it. I'm also in the middle of working out the details of a kind of sketchy move to a new home. I'm waiting to figure out the details based on another person leaving the place I want to move into and think I've been whining alot about it.

Generally, I think I've been a little complainy lately. Nobody likes a whiner. And, if we're being honest, I've got ALOT to be happy and thankful for in my life. I need to focus on those things more.

I set out at the beginning of this blog not to be negative in my posts (about serious stuff, trashtalking fad diets and the Kardashians doesn't count) and I think I've done a pretty decent job. I need to follow that mantra in my real life alot more.

So, all, sorry for being a whiney B lately. I'm workin' on it. XOXO

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May 12, 2013

Happy Mothers Day! Also, I miss college.

I'm a lucky little ducky to have a great mom to celebrate this Mothers' Day:
She's taught me so, so much and I wouldn't be who I am without her moral compass, smarts, tip and tricks, ageless beauty (thanks especially for that one) and support. (Read more here and here.)

Happy Mother's Day!

Let's not forget, I'm still blogging Every Day in May:

Day 12: What do you miss?

This is such a cliche answer, but I really really miss college. Today I'm still in Fort Worth for the little nugget's graduation and it's been a blast. She's set up an awesome little life for herself here in cool town and with great friends. Hanging with those little pups (a nickname bred from a humilating story of mine) makes me really miss those good old days. Here's why:


I've mentioned this before. But I made some great, great, life-long buddies during my time at UT. I had wonderful roommates, and made some amazing friends through my sorority, I really got lucky. Here's a little mixture of both groups circa 2007:


I was good at being a student. Not to toot my own horn, but school stuff has always come easy to me. I didn't spend much time being stressed out or overwhelmed. The working world has been far, far more challenging. I'll admit, I didn't opt for the most rigorous majors (Journalism), but I guess maybe I just liked it and it didn't feel like work? I always got great grades and kind of got them by skating by.

Financial Freedom

That seems a little backwards, because I actually was pretty poor. I miss not having to think about how much I'm getting paid, how much I should be saving, how much it costs to do what I want to do. I was just used to being hungry and figured out how to master it. These days, I worry alot about my finances. I'm constantly wondering if I'm doing enough to be stable, whether I should get paid more, etc. I miss the days of Ramen and not thinking about it.

Theme Parties

I love a theme. I love costumes. That's just that. We don't get enough of them in the adult world. Here are some faves:

Texas Roundup

Game Day

I love football games and tailgating. It was a full day of spring break every week. I still live in Austin and have gotten to do it here and there, but it's just not the same! Honestly, is there any color as great as burnt orange?

Getting to do whatever the F I want

Don't feel like going to school today? No problem. Hate this class? Drop it. This party sucks? There's another one next door. Want to eat 5 million slices of pizza? No big deal, you're 18. It's Tuesday and half price queso starts at 2? Perfect, class is done at 1. You get my drift. The adult world is ridden with "have tos". I don't care who you are, grown ups have too many "have tos.'

Ah, college days, how I love you.

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