Apr 29, 2013

Weekend Recap

Hello and Happy Monday friendies! Long time not chat, huh?

All kinds of things have been happening in my little world but I'm back in action! Here's what I got into this weekend...


It's kind of like bridesmaid-ing, but way, way better. Saturday we had a lovely little brunch at one of my favorite place (Hillside Farmacy) to celebrate the single-ness and awesome-ness of one of my favorite buddies:

The lady of the day, sweet Heidi.

Bitches be brunchin', yo.

Honestly, there aren't enough punchbowls around these days.

Eeyore's Birthday Party

This is a bizarre Austin thing. It's a celebration of Eeyore -- yes, the sad donkey of Winnie the Pooh fame. I don't really know the full story on how this thing got started, but it's now in it's 50th year. It's a big outdoor hippie festival with people watching galore. Drum circles, lots of people with their boobs (men and women) out, costumes, TONS of puppies. I pretty much had my head on a swivel the whole time we were there ...

Bubbles. They still get your hands miserably sticky. You don't outgrow that.

Obviously I'm in the background of my pretty friends distracted by puppies. #typical

Ginger Brewing

This weekend the Ginger brewed a big batch of Summery Pale Ale. He hand his brewing buddy added in citrus hops and lots of local honey, which I can't wait to sample. His batches in the past have been a little on the manly (dark, hoppy, pungent) side for me. Pumped!

The backyard aparatus, they're not messing around here, people.

Fresh, fragrant citrus hops.

Sunday Funday 

After a long, long walk exploring a new part of Town Lake, we hit our fave Mexican spot (Takoba) for some hot afternoon Micheladas. If you don't know, its a ice cold beer and bloody mary mix. It's absoultely fabulous!

Upon instagramming this photo, it was brought to our attention that the drink looks like a goblet full of chili. YUCK.

Then, I rounded out the weekend with some Game of Thrones and Mad Men cozied up on the couch --  the most delightful TV time of my week recently. It really was a lovely spring weekend! We aren't going to get many more of these before it's really hot as balls in the ATX. 

How was your weekend?

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  1. Sounds like a super fun weekend! Eeyore day?? interesting...I love people watching so it sounds right up my alley.

  2. Um, I absolutely LOVE the idea of a brunch to celebrate single friends!! And are you loving Mad Men? I'm obsessed...

  3. I can't believe they have a festival based on Eeyore. He's my favorite, i would totally go to that! Even with all the boobs flopping everywhere! I'm not sure if Eeyore would approve of that...


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