Apr 11, 2013

Throwback Thursday

Slow blogging week for me, y'all. I've been somewhat busy, but really I just can't think of any stuff. It seems like all of 2013 I've been a little off my game. The good ideas just aren't flowin' lately.

Anyway, on to this:

Visit the three great hosts: Julia Rose, Jennifer and Ady

I participate in this on Instagram, so why not in the blogosphere? Am I right?

I thought this was a great Springtime day (weather is freaking GORGE in Austin today) to share this little gemstone:

Welp, where do we start? Questions abound... 

First of all, where are those teal chairs? I need them. 

Did someone try to steal or take credit for MY plant? Is that why it's so clearly labeled? Those bitches.

What's in my fanny pack? Based on the year this was taken (I'm guessing around 1994ish), I have to assume it's at least two tubes of Lip Smackers, pencils and perhaps a My Little Pony... I carried that crap around for years there in the in early nineties. Whatever it is, it's too precious to be strapped to my hips.

That hat, oh, that hat. I'm proud of myself for keeping the sun off my little face, but come on. This doesn't look like my mother's handiwork, so what was I thinking?

Who am I giving the side-eye to? Probably the plant-stealing buttholes.

Well, that's all the fun for now. Get out there and get your Springtime on, y'alll. But watch out for the plant-stealer bitches.


  1. Haha! This is too cute. Can I please have that fanny pack? I think we could totally bring those back into style... lol :-)

  2. lol, love the photo, but love the commentary even more! :)

  3. Neon's back. Fanny backs are coming back. Don't you wish you'd kept it?


  4. This is awesome! There is so much going on in this picture, it's like you photo-shopped it together. Perfect TBT!


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