Apr 30, 2013

Mad Men Mid-Season Thoughts....

So I've been LOVING this season of Mad Men. While the show was on hiatus, the Ginger got all caught up so we've been enjoying this little Sunday ritual together...

Here's my mid-season reactions to all of our favorite characters...

Don and Megan

Gah, they're still just as sexy as every, but clearly growing apart. I don't think Megan has a clue that Don doesn't really take her seriously. He probably should, she's really very sweet and probably the bangin'est lady he's going to find. 

Sylvia Next Door

WTF. I'm underwhelmed. Why is he so in to her? (But, can we discuss that she's Lindsay from Freaks and Geeks? Took me around four episodes to place her.)


She's killing it at her new job. I'm really proud of her as a lady in the 60's crushing it professionally like she is. I think something's going to happen with her boss, but she's too much of a human to just grin and bear it like all the other cheaters on the show.

Betty Draper/Francis

She's honestly batshit and I can't get enough. Idk what she's thinking with that hair. Also, we need to get her slimmed down and back into fabulous outfits from the earlier seasons. Also, Henry Francis...snooze. I'm ready for her to do something real cray to mess up Don's world. She hasn't done that in a while.


Honestly, I just need more of her. She's so sassy, so hot and such a force in the office. So far her storylines have just been cleaning up all her crap from last season. I smell an accidental and booze-fueled rendezvous with Roger. Or at least I'm hoping for one.

Pete Campbell

He totally screwed the pooch and is actually derailing. I'm proud of Trudy for not taking his crap. He's such a whiney little baby at times. Have you noticed that they've made him look alot older this season? Love that attention to detail!

Other Dudes in the Office

Harry - kind of petulant, I'm expecting more meltdowns from him.
Stan - loveable stoner. Need more.
Ginsberg - Don should give him more credit. 
Ken - What ever happened with his Sci Fi novels?


She's an exciting and interesting new twist. I like how her and Ginsberg are bringing some socioeconomic diversity to the office. I hope they flesh her character out alot more. Perhaps a secret romance with someone at the firm?


I don't care who you are, Roger is the best person ever. So sexy, such a silver fox. Also, the wittiest-ly written character to boot. He's been way too much in the background for my taste.

What are you loving from this season?

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  1. I wasn't as into the beginning of the season, but the last two episodes have gotten much better. (The first few episodes, MG and I were both going "HUH?" a lot haha).
    Love your assessment on the show! :)

  2. Um, I absolutely LOVE your take on all of the characters. I want some more storylines with Peggy & Betty this season. Both are intriguing. I also think something cray cray is going to happen with Don & his affair. Also, is it bad that I kind of wish that Don & Betty get it on again? I miss their dysfunctional family.


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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