Mar 29, 2013

Easter Flashback

High Five for Good Friday! 

The upcoming weekend at home with my family has me all nostalgic about Easters gone by. Easter is always a big happening at our house -- on top of the bunnies, eggs and brunches, both my parents and I have a birthday within a week. So we use this weekend as a celebratory catchall (or, calorie fest, really). I kind of meant to do this all "Throwback Thursday" style yesterday, but I didn't my S together in time. (#typical).

So, just for funsies, here are some Easter shots from when I was a little fresher and cuter...

I'm the one on the right, my little nugget of a sister is on the left.  One of us is better at egg hunting than the other. Or one of us just got a better nap that day. I really hope my kids aren't totally bald as long as I was. In this case, lets just pretend I was wearing an Easter egg for a hat. Kind of looks like I might be.

Alright, we're getting somewhere now, people. Not bald, but not quite the mullet days (I had a few questionable hair years in there, we'll be skipping over that). I hope my mom saved that precious little dress somewhere. I probably spilled all over it. Some things never change.

I wish it was still acceptable for me to wear socks on fancy occasions. They're so comfy. 26-year-old me wants to tell 4-year-old me that those posture habits will make me look fat in photos in the future. Still breaking that one...

Actual cheesery. I also assume that wasn't my mother's first choice for an easter outfit. I'm imagining something like ... "I'm wearing the blue socks, dammit. Try to stop me!" ... going down. Charming. It fascinates me that I used to be a small person but my face has stayed the same. I guess thats not all that shocking, but child to adult transition is a weird science thing to me.

Have a wonderful weekend full of family, friends, food, ya know, all the important "F" things. Well, not all of them. :)

Bring on the eggs and brunching, y'all! High five! Linking up:

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Happy Happy Easter!


  1. You and your sister are so precious!

  2. Pretty sure you still wear those socks for fancy occasions...
    - Ginger

  3. I love these photos! There are very few times I get jealous of people with daughters. Easter is one of them. Dresses and shoes!!!


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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