Feb 4, 2013

Wonderful Weekend

I had one of the best weekends I've had in a long time. One of those where, though very sleepy and exhausted, I woke up today grateful for everything I've got around me. I was so busy having  a fun time I didn't even really take any pictures this weekend. That's how you know I'm in the zone... too busy to Instagram. :)

Friday, roommate and I painted the town. We had a couple of parties to go to and we shook our groove thangs. I love when we get to do that. Also, I had a little run in with a certain person from my past (the old manfriend) and am really proud of my lack of derailment. It was a first. #growth

Saturday morning, we got the best breakfast tacos in town (or I think so) and took the puppies to the park and on a walk around the lake.

Saturday night, the Ginger took me to a rockin' North Mississippi Allstars show with a big group of buddies. More groove thangs were shaken. Really shaken.

Yesterday, we took the puppies to a place called "the secret beach." Everyone apparently knows about it now, there were tons of dogs there to play with our boys.

And of course, yesterday was the Super Bowl. My two dishes (buffalo chicken dip and bacon cheese tots), were a total hit. My waistline might pay dearly, but they were a hit. Obviously, Beyonce's halftime show was on the verge of a religious experience for me.... but more on that later.

Now, I will admit, there was a to-do list of errands and cleaning that didn't get touched, but I had just way too much fun to care. I haven't had a good party weekend home in Austin in a long time. It was glorious. I got in quality time with both roommate and the Ginger. I got to see lots of other dear friends all weekend too. Great success. I really am one lucky lady.


  1. Yay for fantastic weekends!! Dancing AND secret beaches? Yes please.

  2. Sounds like an awesome weekend!!! Secret beach?! Awesome


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