Feb 21, 2013

My Oscar Picks

It's almost Oscars time people. This is my Super Bowl.

I've always loved going to see movies, my parents were always really into it and it's just something I adore. I used to get really OCD about seeing EVERY Best Picture-nominated flick each year so I could make my picks and play along.  Lately, I've just been seeing the ones that I'm truly interested in and this time, it was almost all of the nominees!

I really liked all of the movies I saw this year, but here's what I'm thinking about the noms (that I've seen), in order of least favoritest to most favoritest:

Les Miserables

I LOVED, Les Mis, I really did, but I just cannot support it as best picture because there isn't an original story/screenplay. It was fantabulous, but we've been there before. And I'm sick of Anne Hathaway.


Definitely a fascinating historical piece, but too slow for me. Daniel Day Lewis should maybe deserve Best Actor, but the movie kind of drug on for my taste.

Zero Dark Thirty

It was so suspenseful and good, but I think the hype about this one has alot to do with the timeliness. Jesssica Chastain was outstanding, and I was very captivated. But, I read an interview (read it here, very long but EXTREMELY fascinating) with the actual guy that shot Bin Laden that cited some inaccuracies that shoot it down my list. 


Just saw this last night. It was good, and SO suspenseful, but it didn't just knock my socks off. I think some of the production aspects (cinematography, costumes, historical representation, etc.) were stronger than the movie itself. It was really good though (that Ben Affleck, what a dreamboat).

Silver Linings Playbook

I loved, loved this one. A big thing for me is originality/creativity. This one gets a lot of cred for not being based on any kind of history or previously written story. Both actors were amazing. It was a good mix of serious issues, drama and comedy. Loved. Maybe I'm just a woman and liked the only lovey dovey one in the bunch, but I don't think so.

Django Unchained

Favorite. Hands down. Though I could have done with out certain VERY violent parts, I thought this one was just across the board fantastic. The three main characters were all extremely good. The story had romance, bromance, class struggles, slavery... all set in the wild west and deep south. It was creative, yet historical. There were serious parts and funny parts. LOVED.

So friends, which Oscar flicks have you seen? Which did you like/hate?


  1. I really wish I would have seen... you know... ANY movie this past year. Having a kid makes that difficult. Haha. All of them looks so good!!!

  2. I agree with you Django was amazing (minus scenes like the Mandingo fighting *squirm*). I really really liked it. I also really liked Argo. I saw it in the theater, and even tho I knew the ending, I was shaking at the end with the anticipation and build up (and I'm not typically a big loser like that with movies). Plus, Ben Affleck is quite the hunk!

  3. I saw Lincoln and les mis. But I'm dying to see SPP...I just read the book and it was so good. Are you going to fill out a ballot? That's how we watch them...and winner gets bragging rights for the year.

  4. There were so many good movies this year! I'm rooting for Argo! Did you know Silver Linings was a book first?

  5. Silver Linings Playbook is based on a book. But I read the book and the movie is WAY better.

    Argo is my favorite. I've seen it twice and loved it even more the second time.

  6. I have not seen any of these movies yet. 'Lincoln' looks good, and I'd see 'Silver Linings Playbook" for sheer love of Jennifer Lawrence (although bipolar disorder is not the most pleasant subject in the world). I'm curious about 'Les Mis,' although in general I have little patience for opera (and I don't need Victor Hugo, since I already have a dead French lit guy that I love - it's Alexandre Dumas). At one point I said I'd only see 'Les Mis' if there was a version with Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman naked...which I still think would be nice. So I guess I don't really have a dog in this fight.


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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