Feb 1, 2013

friday newsflash

It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday. As for today's newsflash? Barbies, tacos, defecation... oh my.

1. MEAN GIRLS THE MUSICAL is a thing. No, you really read that. It wasn't a dream.

Tina Fey already kind of has it in the works, working on a studio and music. Yes, yes, YES. On top of all of it, she's already considering MARIAH-effing-CAREY to play Regina's mom. Talk about a cool mom. I really hope this comes to pass. Mean Girls is probably my favorite piece of Fey's writing. So, so genius.

2. Quote of the week:

"I've said for years that Diet Coke just ‘gets me' and my lifestyle." -- Taylor Swift

She's just signed a long-term contract for spokeswoman-ing for the diet bev, which is all well and good, but Diet Coke "gets her"? What the crap does that even mean? If a drink can "get" me, I guess I'd have to go with Malbec, of course. I'm sick of Taylor Swift, I really am. I just can't seem to lay off her poppy genius tunes. Dammit!

After the smash success of the Nacho Cheese taco shells (which I haven't tried and am Pissed off about, Ginger I'm looking at you), they've officially announced adding Cool Ranch shells to the menu. I cannot, cannot wait. Typically, I'm a huge taco snob (living in Austin will do that to you), but these just fascinate me. I'm reminded of simpler times... the days of my youth when a personal size bag of Doritos was picnic lunch fare and special treat. Ah, memories. I'll probably have to spin for like 6 hours to work one of these puppies off nowadays, though. #worthit

4. Ok, so this one is just too weird to ignore. Jason London, of Dazed & Confused fame, pooped in a cop car. Don't remember him? How about a little then-and-now action...

London was arrested this past weekend for punching a bouncer. Obviously extremely intoxicated, he went on a rant in the back of the cop car and pooped in defiance. That'll show 'em. First of all, where did he even come from after all these years? Second of all, though substance abuse is NOT funny, that mugshot is pretty genius. I'm loving that smirk. Thirdly, POOP IN A CAR. Beat that, LiLo. Bahahahha.

5.  In Taipei, Taiwan there is now a full Barbie-themed restaurant:

I feel weird about this. My inner girl is squealing in delight, but something feels strange to me. All the people in the restaurant are grown ups. It has a full bar, it's clearly for adults. Do you think it's weird for a grown ass man to go to a Barbie restaurant without children? I sure do. Do you think it's weird for these women to be dressed like their going to a 8-year-old American girl's birthday party? Yep, also weird. Would I totally go to this place and spend tons of money on Barbie stuff? Abso-freaking-lutely. I'm dying to go to Asia, I really am. They do such weird stuff over there.

Welp, that's all folks. Go get yo weekend on. If you need me, I'l be the one doing this for 48 straight hours:


  1. How do you find all these golden nuggets? I seriously love reading these. And if the rumors are true about a Mean Girl musical? Whoa nelly....amazing. Have a super weekend!

  2. Yay for Mean Girls! I wrote about that today too! I have the same feelings about Taylor. She's so annoying, but I love her stupid music. I can get behind Cool Ranch! They were my snack of choice in high school. Jason London is a mess! Didn't he do something crazy a few years ago to, like fake his own kidnapping or something? Or was that Jeremy? Those boys are nuts! I would probably visit the Barbie restaurant too, as creepy as it is. Hahaha! Check out the Friends themed coffee shop in China on my blog today!


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