Jan 16, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Hello all! I've been sick as a dog this week and today I can maybe, finally, sort of see a light at the end of the tunnel. It's been a dark tunnel. The doctor with his science tells me its an ear infection and respiratory virus. I've been calling it the sickdeathterrible. So, for today, I'll do What I'm Loving Wednesday, sickdeathterrible edition.

So, though I despise selfie pics and I'm a little bit embarrassed to show the whole internet this, I CANNOT GET ENOUGH of these PJ's:

I got them for Christmas from a friend last year, and have worn them every time it gets remotely cold. I love them. Victoria Secret hits it out of the park again. Purple leopard, yes, please!

The doctor gave me liquid medicine for the ear infection. What am I, six?

Honestly though, how does a grownass woman get an ear infection and all they have to cure it is liquid medicine? It tastes like crap and I have to wash it down with something. Again, what am I, six? My natural inclination is to chase it like a tequila shot - with a lime. Is that so wrong? Though I balk, it's worked. Also, "may cause drowsiness" ain't a joke.

I like tea, but I don't love tea. Extreme cold and sickness make me want it, but I only like fruity ones. Again, inner child rears its head. I think alot of grown up teas taste like dirt. Not a figure of speech, actual dirt. This one is good. I like the blueberry best:

Soup. Also only drawn to it during sick and cold. I think we all know why this one caught my eye:

Tastes nothing like wine, but is delicious. Will buy for non-sickdeathterrible times.

Sometimes, when I'm extra low, I "go to the dark side". The "dark side" includes a girly movie, absolutely no lights on in my room, ice cream straight out of the container and usually tears. I've performed this ritual with each and everyone of the aforementioned elements three times in the last 2 days with this:

Really, do you need to know more? She carried a watermelon.

Last and certainly not least, this little baby, roommate dog Silly Putty, has been nursing me back to health:

I left the Prince in Houston for babysitting while I'm in Hawaii, so this little cuddle bug has had to step up to the plate...and he has, like a champ.

That's all folks! Glad to be sort of back in the world today.

Also, don't forget! I'd LOVE some guest posters while I'm in Hawaii next week! Please please, comment email me at casey{at}poodleism{dot}com if you're interested! Let's get some cross-blog friendmaking going here, people! Pretty please?


  1. Hope you keep feeling better--sickness is a B!

  2. At least you're getting sick before Hawaii, hope you're feeling much better by the time you leave! I got sick while I was there in November (and broke my ankle, which was actually worse than being sick and I don't recommend that one either!)

  3. I'm sorry you're sick! I love your PJs though. I haven't had a set of PJs since I was like 12. I should get some!


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