Jan 3, 2013

Peace Out, 2012

Hello all, Happy New Year! it's taken me a few days to collect my thoughts on 2012. For me, it was a year of new adventures. I went to more new locations last year than I think ever in my life. It was marvelous. That's a new year's resolution I NEVER keep. Here are a few:

March. Fort Myers Beach, Florida

June. Birmingham, Alabama

July. Newport, Rhode Island

October. Nashville, Tennessee

November. Tuscaloosa, Alabama

In 2012, I figured out alot about how amazing and truly integral some of my old friends and learned that sometimes you just gotta get out there and make some new ones. And I did:

I explored a whole new world (at home and on advenures) with the Ginger. It was kind of our year to get into a groove, get to know each other and honestly fall in love. It was wonderful. I still wonder if I deserve him:

As always, I never could have done it without my rock/roommate/BFF/partner in crime.

I'm pretty proud of my 2012. I never say that... like ever. I'm proud of how I did in my personal life. I'm proud of trying new things and I'm proud of staying reasonably fit most of the year. Sitting here thinking about it, I have no idea why I dreaded looking back. Could this be a wonderful new world for me? Let's not get crazy now.


  1. Love this post! Here's hoping 2013 is just as good, if not better! :)

  2. So happy to see you SO happy :-) Cheers!

    And, I started following you on instagram. Your tbt post was awesomeeee.

  3. Wahoo! Yay for happy times...and cheers to an even happier and fantastic 2013!

  4. Good for you! Looks like a great year. I'm most proud of my travel too! Here's to more adventures in 2013 :)

  5. Amazing travel year. I bet 2013 will be even better!


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