Jan 29, 2013

Maui Recap

Oh hello there blog world! It's great (mostly) to be back! I miss paradise, but its good to be home and back in the swing of things. Here are a couple of my favorites from  my trip to Maui last week...

First and foremost, my fave part was getting in lots of good QT with the Ginger. We felt like freaking Beyonce and JayZ with a whole fancy resort room to ourselves the whole week. Copious sunsets were enjoyed...

A definitely giggle-worthy element of the week was the absurd car we got from the rental place. It was a total surprise:

It's a Dodge Challenger in what I call "Tennessee Orange." Ginger no likey the Tennessee talk, but he sure did enjoy the hemi.

We did a fair amount of exploration such as hikes:

...and cave swimming...

(well, I didn't do a lot of cave swimming)

My favorite, favorite thing again this year was the black sand beach:

I don't know exactly why, but it really blows my little mind apart.

Of course there was lots of this:

...and even more of this:

I mean come on, who do you think we are?

Great week. Gah, that Ginger is the best.


  1. How fun! You guys look like you had a blast. I'm loving that black sand too.

  2. Wow, it looks incredible! I desperately wanna visit Hawaii and your pics make me want to even more!
    Glad you got in some fun beach and drinking time--two very important vacation items :)

  3. Yay!! Looks like you had a blast...we've been contemplating a trip to Hawaii....and your pictures are convincing me that this could be a very good thing.

  4. I love that first picture of you two. You look so pretty and happy. The backdrop helps a little too. :) The car is hilarious! Love the photo!!! So much fun!


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