Jan 31, 2013

Need Inspiration - Help?

Hey blog world. I'm in a creative rut. Somehow, nothing seems to be getting me going.... and it's killing me. I'm bored. I'm so bored.

Maybe I should start acting. I think I could do better than that... but I digress.

I just cannot seem to find fulfillment or motivation to do ANYTHING. I'm mad at myself about it honestly; it's way to early in the year for this S. This doesn't bode well for 2013. Not at all.

I've made myself a little list of things to do....

1. Poodleism fervor. Today I've worked on several little items I've been meaning to get to (sponsorships, art improvements, etc.), including a little editorial calendar of sorts. YES! Hopefully I'm finding some renewed interest. I love you guys and miss the blog world, I just can't find any good ideas.

2. Photography. I'm getting back into Fat Mum Slim's Photo a Day challenge. Starts tomorrow. Check me out on Instagram for all the latest updates.

Speaking of Instagram, it's Throwback Thursday. Today's matchy matchy post of me and the little nugget:

...and I digress again. See what I mean people?!

3. Cooking. One recipe per week. Even if it's just a side dish or a lunch thing. I've gotta get back in that kitchen. It's typically my happy zone. Must do.

4. Computer Skillz. I'm in the process of trading in my dinosaur MacBook from a million years ago for a shiny new one with sick software to re-teach myself Photoshop and the like. Hopefully the fruits of that labor will make their way here... but that might be a slow process. And an expensive one, I'm finding.

So blog friends, what else? Books? Volunteering somewhere? DIY? Some other kind of writing outlet? Pinterest (but actually do the stuff)? What do you do to get motivated? Tell me.

Jan 29, 2013

Maui Recap

Oh hello there blog world! It's great (mostly) to be back! I miss paradise, but its good to be home and back in the swing of things. Here are a couple of my favorites from  my trip to Maui last week...

First and foremost, my fave part was getting in lots of good QT with the Ginger. We felt like freaking Beyonce and JayZ with a whole fancy resort room to ourselves the whole week. Copious sunsets were enjoyed...

A definitely giggle-worthy element of the week was the absurd car we got from the rental place. It was a total surprise:

It's a Dodge Challenger in what I call "Tennessee Orange." Ginger no likey the Tennessee talk, but he sure did enjoy the hemi.

We did a fair amount of exploration such as hikes:

...and cave swimming...

(well, I didn't do a lot of cave swimming)

My favorite, favorite thing again this year was the black sand beach:

I don't know exactly why, but it really blows my little mind apart.

Of course there was lots of this:

...and even more of this:

I mean come on, who do you think we are?

Great week. Gah, that Ginger is the best.

Jan 23, 2013

Guest Poster: Beautiful Betty!

Well hey everybody! I’m a little jealous that Casey is soaking up some Hawaiian sun…but I was thrilled that she offered to do some blog swapping while she's away.  Alright, let's get this party started...

Me & my boys. 

I’m Betty.  I initially started my blog Northwest Betty as a way to document my life in short stories and pictures.  And that’s pretty much what I still do now, just with a bit more oomph. If you were to travel over to my blog (which I hope you do), you will quickly discover that...

*I am married to a handsome fella I like to call Cowboy.  

*We are the proud parents to a big dog named Dudley. I think he's beginning to look like me. 

*I like to try new things and post about 'em. Check out my Try page for more details. 

*I am partial to the northwest (hence the title of the blog) and try to soak up outside time whenever I can.

*And on a random note...I am related to Davy Crockett. Yep, it's true. 

And that's that. I do hope we can become blog buddies.  Have a great day.  And Casey?  I hope you are having a relaxing vacation away.  I'm sure you will have some funny stories to share when you return.  


Jan 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Best Buddy!

Today is my semi-spouse's birthday! Happy Birthday! L is my roommate, rock, partner in crime and a most trusted confidante. She's def seen me through some of my highest and lowest points. Here are a couple throwback photos of us:

Approx. sophomore year of college.

In Miami. Apparently I left my neck in Texas.

Happy, Happy, Happiest of birthdays, friend! IDK where I'd be without you! Really. Probably lost...

Want to guest post next week. Comment or email me!

Jan 18, 2013

Friday Newsflash!

Happy Happiest of Fridays friends! I can barely contain my excitement about going to HAWAII TOMORROW (PS: Still would love a guest poster or two. Comment or email me!). I'm happy dancing this day away...

I don't think I should be expected to work under these conditions. Don't you agree? So, I'll just think about these absurd things...

1. Blue Ivy Carter got a diamond-encrusted Barbie for her 1st birthday. American baby princess herself really blew it out for her birthday.

Parents Beyonce and Jay-Z gave her a diamond-covered Barbie doll wearing real gold jewelry for a mere 80,000 bones. All of her friends received a jewelry set, play house and a princess costume. Her friends parents got an engraved gold pen. Whoa. The ridiculous party was meant to "set the tone for the rest of her life." Welp, mission accomplished. Somehow I don't take offense because it's Beyonce. #celebritybias #iloveBey

2.  America's first bookless library coming to Texas! That's right, a whole library, no printed books. It's all e-books! San Antonio will soon be opening BiblioTech, a library where all the books are digital:

You can bring your own e-reader or borrow one from the library. All the titles are online, too! While the cool factor of this explodes everything I know to be true about San Antonio, I have some questions. If you have a fancy Ipad/Kindle/Nook, are you really going to schlep down to the library? So, say you check out a title online, why would you ever buy an e-book again? How are e-book sellers ok with this? My most important question, however, is this: what is it going to smell like in there? I don't want to go to a library that doesn't smell like the 1800's. I just won't. Take that.

3. Jessica Simpson is getting her own sitcom. She's starring in a scripted sitcom based on her life. What the hell?

Haven't we already seen a train wreck alot like this? A producer of the show, set to air on NBC (come on, NBC!), said she's a "truly a modern-day Lucy with incredible comedic chops." Again I ask, what the hell? I recently heard she was making like gazilions of dollars on her shoes and purses. That seems like a better fit to me. I'm worried my beloved NBC will all go to pot after this season. Womp, womp.

4. These jeans claim they can reduce cellulite and moisturize your butt skin:

Not kidding. These new Wranglers (Wranglers, really?) claim to be infused with magical potions that can reduce cellulite and make your skin softer. You can choose from three options: Aloe Vera, Olive Extract or Smooth Legs. Here's a bit of the science behind it:
Infused with algae extracts, retinol and caffeine, the style was clinically tested by the Institut Adriant in France, where after four weeks of wearing the jeans for eight hours a day, five days a week over six weeks, 69 per cent of the panel claimed that the appearance of their thighs had improved.
I'm giving this a MAJOR side eye. That can't be real. I'm kind of tempted to find out. For $135, I guess i could do just that.

5. Lady Gaga wants to buy Neverland Ranch.

Yep, the weird  just got a little weirder  folks. She's recently befriended the Jackson family and wants to buy back the creeptastic estate so Michael's children can enjoy their childhood home -- complete with the petting zoo, carnival rides, general oddities. It is actually a pretty nice gesture, but what a strange thing to take on. She already owns 55 pieces of Neverland Ranch memorabilia, which is strange enough in itself.  I don't know why this whole thing strikes me as so odd. I just can't imagine Gaga on a Ferris wheel with little Paris, Prince and Blanket (yep, Blanket is still a thing).

6. Channing Tatum's portrait made out of Mike & Ikes is a thing:

It's real. It's amazing. The abs kind of blow my mind, even made out of candy. Maybe even more so, if we're being honest here. The artist has TONS more cool stuff.

Thanks for playing! I'll be away in sunny Maui next week. Can't wait to be in the sun and on a boat...

Might be blogging, might not. XOXO

Jan 17, 2013

Mitscoots - Buy One, Give One!

Happy Thursday all! Today, I'm writing a little product plug of sorts, but this little diddy means a lot more to me than that. World, meet Mitscoots:

Some sweet friends of mine have started this amazing new company, Mitscoots. All they make are socks, great socks. For each pair you buy, a person in need right here in Austin, TX will receive the exact same pair. They take it even one step further, and employ Austin's needy to help them fill orders and assemble pairs to sell! Learn more.

I have a couple pairs myself. The socks are thick, warm and great for working out. I like mine alot for exercise or even inside of boots to keep my toesies cozy.

Interested in some stylin' footwear for a great cause, go buy 'em here.

CultureMap caught on, so hopefully things are going to take off! Just for fun, here's me and one of the founders, Agata:

They've got a great thing going and need all the support they can get. Poodleist approved. Definitely approved.

Also, don't forget! I'd LOVE some guest posters while I'm in Hawaii next week! Please please, comment email me at casey{at}poodleism{dot}com if you're interested! Let's get some cross-blog friendmaking going here, people! Pretty please?

Jan 16, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Hello all! I've been sick as a dog this week and today I can maybe, finally, sort of see a light at the end of the tunnel. It's been a dark tunnel. The doctor with his science tells me its an ear infection and respiratory virus. I've been calling it the sickdeathterrible. So, for today, I'll do What I'm Loving Wednesday, sickdeathterrible edition.

So, though I despise selfie pics and I'm a little bit embarrassed to show the whole internet this, I CANNOT GET ENOUGH of these PJ's:

I got them for Christmas from a friend last year, and have worn them every time it gets remotely cold. I love them. Victoria Secret hits it out of the park again. Purple leopard, yes, please!

The doctor gave me liquid medicine for the ear infection. What am I, six?

Honestly though, how does a grownass woman get an ear infection and all they have to cure it is liquid medicine? It tastes like crap and I have to wash it down with something. Again, what am I, six? My natural inclination is to chase it like a tequila shot - with a lime. Is that so wrong? Though I balk, it's worked. Also, "may cause drowsiness" ain't a joke.

I like tea, but I don't love tea. Extreme cold and sickness make me want it, but I only like fruity ones. Again, inner child rears its head. I think alot of grown up teas taste like dirt. Not a figure of speech, actual dirt. This one is good. I like the blueberry best:

Soup. Also only drawn to it during sick and cold. I think we all know why this one caught my eye:

Tastes nothing like wine, but is delicious. Will buy for non-sickdeathterrible times.

Sometimes, when I'm extra low, I "go to the dark side". The "dark side" includes a girly movie, absolutely no lights on in my room, ice cream straight out of the container and usually tears. I've performed this ritual with each and everyone of the aforementioned elements three times in the last 2 days with this:

Really, do you need to know more? She carried a watermelon.

Last and certainly not least, this little baby, roommate dog Silly Putty, has been nursing me back to health:

I left the Prince in Houston for babysitting while I'm in Hawaii, so this little cuddle bug has had to step up to the plate...and he has, like a champ.

That's all folks! Glad to be sort of back in the world today.

Also, don't forget! I'd LOVE some guest posters while I'm in Hawaii next week! Please please, comment email me at casey{at}poodleism{dot}com if you're interested! Let's get some cross-blog friendmaking going here, people! Pretty please?

Jan 12, 2013

Maui, here I come! Guest Posts Welcome!

I can't believe I forgot to mention this (well, actually I can. I've been a recently crap-tastic blogger), one week from today I'm headed back to beautiful...


I've been kind of swamped with other things lately, so I haven't really had the chance to get super pumped up about it. But starting today, I'm officially in PSYCHED mode. It's my annual company trip and we'll be there for a week. This time the Ginger is coming with me, so it should be romantical and amazing!

I'm attempting to kind of "wing it" on the whole 'get into a swimsuit for the first time in six months' thing. I expect that to be a disaster. No time this year, whoops.

So, here's a question: Want to do a guest post while I'm away?! I can't think of a better way for me to be getting back into the blogger world. Pretty please with sugar on top? Leave a comment or email me at casey{at}poodleism{dot}com. If I don't get any interest I'm going to start emailing some of my favorite blog friends! Thanks in advance!

Jan 11, 2013

Friday Newsflash

Happy Friday all! Today I'm relishing in another work week behind me and looking forward to a nice weekend at home in Houston to host a baby shower for one of my oldest friends. Since I can't handle the thought that we're old enough to be having babies and it genuinely makes me panic, I'm distracting myself with internet nonsense of the Friday Newflash variety... (I'll warn you, this week came in a little heavy on the entertainment news side)

1. Broadway news! Two things:
Aladdin is going to become a broadway musical! ("Tell me princess, when did you last let your heart decide?"). What a genius idea. How did Little Mermaid get broadway-ized before Aladdin?! Here's how I would cast the main characters: Joe Jonas as Aladdin (because we all need more Jonas), Lea Michele as Jasmine (though I cannot stand her, she's an amazing talent), Danny DeVito as the Sultan (duh), Robin Williams as the Genie (who could reprise it better?). I cannot wait to see it! When is this one coming to 3D, too? Need more Aladdin.

50 Shades! The Musical! A spoofy musical of 50 Shades of Gray is headed to NYC! It's not an on-stage porn, but rather a comedic look at the book and all the phenomena that has surrounded it. It pokes fun at the novel with 11 original songs and has been a big success in Chicago. Tour! Please!

2. Arrested Development is really, really coming back! The HILARIOUS and genius show has been encircled in rumors of return for years.

After some roadblocks, it's finally happening! 14 new episodes will be released on Netflix this May! Even better? All the episodes will be accessible at the same time! You can watch all 14 in a day if you want, which I've been known to do. If you haven't watched it, do. #tobiasfunke #nevernude. You'll get it when you watch. PSYCHED.

3. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are hosting the Golden Globes on Sunday -- which I think is going to be wonderful.

Luckily for us, the sharp comediennes have invented a drinking game for us regular folks to stay as hammered as the famouses typically get at the show. Here are their rules:
  • Drink any time an actress cries in a speech.
  • Drink any time you see a person actively not listening to someone onstage.
  • Drink any time someone says, "I didn't prepare anything!"
  • Eat a meatball sub any time someone thanks Harvey Weinstein.
  • Take off an article of clothing any time they show Judi Dench.
  • Take off an article of clothing any time Maggie Smith wins.
I can't wait. I'm going to need some layers, lots of Malbec and at least 10 meatball subs. #itsthemostwonderfultimeoftheyear

4. A precious labradoodle was mistaken for an escaped lion cub. Yes, that's true. The Norfolk, VA police got a call that a lion cub was on the loose in town, but the zoo didn't have one recorded as escaped. A little hysteria clearly ensued, only to determine it was a cuddly labradoodle with a lion-ish haircut:

I'm in love with this guy. He's shaved this way to be a tailgating mascot for the Old Dominion University. I share this story with you for two reasons: 1. My friend has been trying to get me to groom the price like crazy stuff for years, this kind of makes me want to do it. 2. I've been trying to convince the Ginger to get a labradoodle and this might just be the badass anecdote he needs.

5. There will be a new Desiny's Child album! YES!

To be released on January 29, the new album, Destiny's Child -- Love Songs, will be a compilation of their most romantical tracks, plus their first new song since 2004. Miracles do happen, people. As you might have guessed my love for the queen Bey (who is playing the Super Bowl half time show this year, btw) sprung out of my love for Destiny's Child. I cannot wait. All I'm saying is that Say My Name better be on that album.

6. Twilight rules the Razzies. That's the awards for the worst movies of the year. Honestly, eff those dudes.

My beloved Breaking Dawn was nominated in all 10 of the categories plus an extra nom for having two of the worst on-screen couples. The only silver lining is that poptart Kristen Stewart was nominated for Worst Actress for two of her movies of 2012. Bahahahaha.

Happy Happy Friday, friendies!

Jan 10, 2013

Resolutions 2013

I admit I'm a tad late on this, but really I've been kind of struggling with it so far. I'm trying to think of things to make me a better me that aren't your typical "get skinny, read more, go to new places" kind of crap. Though I do want to do those things, snooze fest.

Here's what I'm thinking:

Wake up earlier. I work from home. I have absolutely no excuse to sleep until the second before I'm supposed to work. So much valuable time gets wasted and I think it slows down my metabolism (which is something I can't afford to be doing).

Learn how to cook new things. I recently experimented with an Indian dish (it came out ok) and went to a Thai cooking class... and LOVED it. Cooking is such a life skill, want to do better.

Get back in to running. I've had some injuries that prevent me from hitting the trails, but now it's just a mental block I think. It's the best way I've found to skinny down and it really relieves stress.

Work on my friendships. A big teaching point in my 2012 is that you have to actively cultivate and care for friendships. I've really always known that, but never so much as now. The Ginger is wonderful, but I need to always focus on balance.

Explore the Central Texas outdoors. I want to go on more hikes, walks, adventures. I live in an area EXTREMELY rich in outdoor activities and I don't take advantage nearly as much as I should.

Figure out my professional life. Complicated and long story.

Get back into blogging. I really love having this blog as a creative outlet and somehow I've just let it sort of slip away. I've been trying these last couple of weeks to get back into the swing of things and am finding that it's been hard to get back into the habit, but I will. :)

Well, I think that may be all for now. Any tips?

Throwback Thursday

Here we are again with another installment of the fabulous #TBT

These are my parents sometime, in what I'm guessing is, the early 80's:

My favorite elements of this include:

The hair on both of them. It's radically different now.
My dad's indoor shades. Idk what that could be about.
Obviously his and hers disco collars. Style city.

More than anything, this photo makes me wonder what pictures of myself will be giggle worthy in 20 or 30 years from now. And what I'll do in those years. And why I don't have any disco collars on hand.

Jules and Ned Henry = classics in my book.

Jan 3, 2013

Peace Out, 2012

Hello all, Happy New Year! it's taken me a few days to collect my thoughts on 2012. For me, it was a year of new adventures. I went to more new locations last year than I think ever in my life. It was marvelous. That's a new year's resolution I NEVER keep. Here are a few:

March. Fort Myers Beach, Florida

June. Birmingham, Alabama

July. Newport, Rhode Island

October. Nashville, Tennessee

November. Tuscaloosa, Alabama

In 2012, I figured out alot about how amazing and truly integral some of my old friends and learned that sometimes you just gotta get out there and make some new ones. And I did:

I explored a whole new world (at home and on advenures) with the Ginger. It was kind of our year to get into a groove, get to know each other and honestly fall in love. It was wonderful. I still wonder if I deserve him:

As always, I never could have done it without my rock/roommate/BFF/partner in crime.

I'm pretty proud of my 2012. I never say that... like ever. I'm proud of how I did in my personal life. I'm proud of trying new things and I'm proud of staying reasonably fit most of the year. Sitting here thinking about it, I have no idea why I dreaded looking back. Could this be a wonderful new world for me? Let's not get crazy now.



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