Sep 4, 2012


I've gotten a couple of emails from you sweet cheeks out there in cyber space (and in real space). I'm taking a controlled/planned blog break.

I actually don't like it. I miss my little creative outlet. I feel alot like Dra-mona at times:

But, I'm in the midst of brainstorming some new ideas and getting my design totally redone, which makes me feel more like crazy-happy-eyes-amona:

Also, just to be honest, I've been absurdly and stupidly busy. Between work, trying to lose 234 pounds before a 6-week wedding-athon this fall and trying to stay in touch with friends, I've got some stuff on my plate. This sums that up:

...which doesn't help with the weight loss (FML).

So, hang tight. Trust me, I'm not turtle timing over here. Me iz bizzy.



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