Aug 1, 2012

Vacay Recap: NYC!

Last week I had a FABULOUS vacation up to New York City and Newport, Rhode Island. The trip was originally planned to see a music festival in Newport, but we tacked on a few days in the big city just for fun. Some highlights:

Sightseeing in NYC
Here are a few favorite stops. I apparently have a thing for parks/outdoor spaces. Wonder why NYC didn't turn out to be for me...?
1 - Peaches at Union Square Park Farmers' Market. I love this spot. It's so close to where I lived briefly in the city. Such a strange little farmy oasis. Tasty peaches, too.
2 - Grand Central Station. It never gets old to me. 
3 - The arc in Washington Square Park. When taking this picture I over heard some people speaking French who were all excited about this little didy. Don't they have this kind of crap everywhere over there? I like the pic.
4 - Mid afternoon snacks in Bryant Park. We fancy.
5 - Central Park. Heaven.

Baby Mason Theis
One of my best buddies (and one of the first in our little group) just had a beautiful baby boy. I was lucky enough to pay that little dude a visit and snap some photos....
I can't even talk about how swoon city that third one is.

Favorite friends in the City
Ginger and I both had some great buds to visit. One of my college besties hosted us all week and showed us around Williamsburg. We tried out fabulous bars and restaurants. Miss her lots. Brooklyn > Manhattan.

Travels to Rhode Island
I love train travel. I really do. It feels so romantic and old world. I was just waiting to see someone on the platform sprinting after the train to profess their love to someone. Our experience was truthfully a little stressful and early in the morning, but wonderful no less.
Once we got to Providence, we had to rent a car to get to Newport. Two Texans with iPhones do not experienced New England navigators make. That's all you need to know about that drive.

Stay tuned for lots more soon on the Newport leg of the trip!


  1. Fun trip! What a whirlwind! I love train travel too. We take it up to Vancouver, BC at least once a year.

  2. I'm so jealous. I've always wanted to go to NYC. Can I have a bite of that chocolate cupcake? YUM!

  3. So jealous! I loved NYC when we visited a few years ago and I wish I could afford to live there! My kinda town!


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