Aug 3, 2012

Vacay Recap: Newport!

For the second leg of the journey (read about the first here), Ginger and I headed up to Newport, RI for a music fest. The sweet thing that he is, he gave me the tickets for my birthday back in April (!). I'd been excited about this jaunt for months.

One of the coolest parts was the house we got to stay in:

It belongs to a member of his family and was an amazing and impeccably maintained (and free) 1940's time machine. Semi-creepy at times, but mostly awesome.

Newport Folk Festival
Once we were all settled in, it was on to the festival. It was a really cool venue. It was held of a peninsula across the bay from the main part of town so we had to take a boat to get to it! So fun. Here's some shots from the fest...

1 - Water taxi to the fest. WTF?
2 - New delicious beer discovery: Newport Storm's Rhode Island Blueberry
3 - Standing in the back of the crowd with the ocean super close.
4 - At times the weather sucked. Bad weather = license to get totally silly and weird.
5 - The boats parked in the bay listening to the music. Totally the way to do it.

Cliff Walk
Just steps from our little house was the awesome Newport Cliff Walk. It's a 3-mile walking trail that goes around, you guessed it, the cliffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. It was stinking breathtaking:

If we lived there, the Prince and I would go every day.

The Mansions
The big nerd in me had to do at least one historical thing while we were there. We toured two of the historic mansions in Newport - Rosecliff and The Breakers. It was RIDICULOUSLY beautiful and even more interesting. It's pretty mindblowing how old they are. Also, you automatically feel like you're really fancy and in Downton Abbey the second you walk in...

I loved every single second of the trip. Can't wait to take another one!


  1. Glad you had fun...especially with the downton abby like mansions. So aristocratic!

  2. That looks amazing! The house, the views, the mansions, everything! I want to go!

  3. Aww it looks so fun, and ginger guys are the best! ;) Just saying... but I could be rather biased since I'm marrying one haha.


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