Jul 13, 2012

"Yo, want a little stripper wisdom?"

This week I went with the girls to see Magic Mike and that was by far the best line. BY FAR.  I love the plot device that is strippers/prostitutes having infinite wisdom and maturity deep down. It's probably one of my favorite movie themes. Just to set the stage: this happens in the first 5 mins of the flick:
Overall I liked it. But I have a couple of questions/knocks...
  • If his dream was to be a furniture builder, why didn't we ever see a shirtless Channing Tatum wielding a hammer? #majordisappointment
  • Why did his love interest have a sourpuss face on the whole movie?
I think she had plenty to smile about.

If you ignore the whole "lack of exciting plot twists" thing, there's a lot to love...
  • There's plenty of this:

And this:

  • Every SINGLE male stripper cliche was represented: cops, sailors, firemen, jungle guys, "its raining men", soldiers, doctors... ALL OF IT. I appreciated that bit of thoroughness
  • My favorite element by far was Matthew McConaughey:

I have a feeling this movie was his professional dream. Not only did he get to take his clothes off and talk slow throughout it, he actually PLAYED THE BONGOS in his little stripper panties. He also said his famous "Alright, Alright, Alright" line a few times. I think he might be peaking.

Generally, Magic Mike was a really good use of my time. That's it and that's all.


  1. I hated the girl! And honestly, there was not enough stripping! I read an article that said Matthew got to create his character. I bet he was like, ok, I'll just be myself. Loved his creepy ass!

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