Jul 31, 2012

Photo a Day July: 16-31

Hey-o! Just in case you aren't stalking my Instagrams (@caseylhenry), here's my run down of the end of Fat Mum Slim's July Photo a Day Challenge. Enjoy!

16 - Sign. The Prince's vet clinic is a real jokester.
17 - Your Addiction. Buy this. Now. You won't be sorry.
18 - Plate. Typical work day lunch... turkey roll ups and avacado.

19 - Animal/Insect/Pet. Obviously.
20 - Eyes. Me and the ginger. His are bluer.
21 - 9 O'Clock. Favorite friends' band.

22 - Upside Down. Poodle no likey.
23 - Mirror. Desk mirror with one of my favorite t-shirts in the reflection.
24 - Stranger. NYC Subway. Strangers galore.

25 - Heart. Part of my tattoo.
26 - Sunshine. Central Park. Slice of heaven.
27 - On the Road. Look at me traveling all New England style.

28 - Cup. New favorite beer discovery. Newport Storm's Rhode Island Blueberry.
29 - Last Thing You Bought. Festival souvenir!
30 - Calm. Newport, RI Cliff Walk.

31 - Toothbrush. Purple brush. Purple flosser. 

I love doing this. Join me for August's challenge here!

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