Jul 2, 2012

June Photo a Day

Happy July all! I'm back in action this week and have lots of pics to share from June Photo a Day Challenge. In June I struggled to get things done on time. I'm going to do better for July. I like this little task. It gives me something to think about every day and I believe it hones my creative-ish eye. Without further adieu...

1 - Morning: Fridays I allow myself to watch the Today show while my brain warms up for the day. Love Fridays.
2 - Empty: Oops, those might have been filled with beer. I didn't do that damage alone, though.
3 - On Your Plate: Asiany Lo Mein meal. #nothealthy
4 - Close Up: That's the little nugget, she's got gorge eyes.

5 - Sign: I actually disagree. A sunny tropical day is not when I want a Guinness. I almost never want one.
6 - Hat: It was the end of the day, I was panicking. Let's call it a "fascinator".
7 - Drink: Summer. Beer. 
8 - Six O'Clock: The view from my front door in the late afternoon. I love those trees.

9 - Your View Today: The Head and the Heart concert. Super fun!
10 - Best Bit of Your Weekend: Getting to play with my friend's fresh new puppy, Archibald.
11 - Door: My sweet baby pups waiting patiently to come inside.
12 - From a Low Angle: Just look at that face.

13 - Art:  June's art from my from my favorite Paper Source wall calendar
14 - Time:  An old theater in downtown Birmingham, AL. They were showing Gone With the Wind. Presh.
15 - Yellow: All fire hydrants in Alabama are painted like this. Weird.
16 - Out and About: Main strip in Homewood, AL. Cute boutiques and cafes. Loved.

17 - In Your Bag: Wallet, camera, shades, keys, makeup bag, Chapstick and gum. Pretty basic stuff.
18 - Something We Don't Know About You: I collect antique poodles! Yes, a little strange.
19 - Imperfect: My closet. I really need an organization system. REALLY need one.
20 - Fave Photo You've Ever Taken: Black lava rocks in Hawaii. My favorite place we went on our trip.

21 - Where You Slept: I love my bed. LOVE it.
22 - From a High Angle: Little sillyputty baby. He'll definitely cuddle on you.
23 - Movement: Archibald discovering under the bed!
24 - On Your Mind: Fave quote. I keep it hung over my computer screen.

25 - Something Cute: I'm spoiled. Some sweet person gives me flowers way too much. 
26 - Where You Shop: Fancy convenience store where I often stop for snacks and wine. 
27 - Bathroom: Speaking of an organization system, that counter top is a wreck. 
28 - On the Shelf: I may or may not have a favorite nail polish brand.

29 - Soft: Post haircut, this little Prince is wiped out and on a mountain of pillows.
30 - A Friend: A bestie. I'm lucky to have her (and many others) in town.

Good month of photos, I think. I'm doing it again in July! Follow me on Instagram (@caseylhenry) to see my updates each day!

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  1. I love your pics! Archibald is SO cute, and I am dying at your poodles! They're hilariously cute!


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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