Jul 9, 2012

Houston Weekend Recap

Happy Happy Monday friends! This weekend I had a whirlwind trip around the fair city of Houston, TX, my hometown. I brought my favorite ginger along, who'd never seen any of the Bayou City's splendors. A little look at what we did...

Houston Museum of Natural Science
We went to see a traveling Titanic exhibit, which was cool, but we had a lot more fun in the newly-upgraded Paleontology Hall...

Hobbit Hole Cafe
Lord of the Rings-themed lunch locale. Nerd city. Someone was dorking out in there with his Houstony beer...

Obviously, absurd Dragon and Gandolf t-shirts were bought... 

Wabash Feed Store
A random drop in to my favorite and strange mid-city country store. PUPPIES.

Water Wall Park
No iPhone photos taken, just real ones on the fancy camera... this is what it looks like:

It really is such a random thing. 

McGonigels Mucky Duck to see Hayes Carll
This was actually a Father's Day gift to my dad, but lucky ginger got to tag along. We got AMAZING seats right up front. The music was great and the place was cool. Best part of the weekend...

Astros Game
Hot dogs at Minute Maid park on a rainy Sunday afternoon...

It was a great weekend! And, it was so nice to take in some hometown sights... I'm lucky to have all that to call home.


  1. Looks like a lot of fun! How did you not leave with that puppy? So cute!!

  2. Ok, this is making me want to visit Houston!


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