Jul 11, 2012

For the love of fry nuggets

So this is a thing that happened:

If you can't read it, the letter says this:

To who rounds the chickens at the "fil a"-

I visited your I-35/Ben White location in Austin, TX today for a nice Spicy Cool Wrap combo with Spicy dressing. I was excited, frankly I'm getting excited talking about it right now. I returned to my office about 10 minutes away to unpack the contents of my bag and find no dressing included. I was heartbroken. The Spicy dressing really compliments the flavor of the wrap.

I made a substitution of a light Balsamic with some Sirachi sauce to capture the spicy flavor of the normal dressing & the creamy texture that I've grown to love in the Spicy dressing. It wasn't the same, I felt empty.

The food was very enjoyable as always, but the lack of dressing dropped my joy level like an Anvil in an old Looney Tunes episode. I'll be back, but I'm going to be honest my mouth is watering right now thinking of that dressing. A feeling that I will not be able to satisfy today.

Thank you for the rest of my meal, the only other knock was the abundance of "fry nuggets" as I call them instead of whole waffle fries which I have grown accustom to while visiting your establishments.

Yours truly,

It was written by the person I'm dating. Loveable, yet completely and totally ridiculous at once. A sauce lover like myself. #soulmates


  1. lol...he is quite the descriptive writer! :) Now I'm craving some of these and it's only 8am!

  2. I like a blog that has the word "nugget" in two consecutive post titles. well done big mama


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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