Jun 12, 2012


Hello all, I've lost my voice. Why? Excessive squealing. I'm alone in a room and have unleashed more fervent "SQEEEEEEEEE"s than is healthy. Nope, I didn't watch another mashup of Nicolas Sparks movie scenes (#lowpoint #tryitsometime).

There's a new baby handsome dreamboat in my life...

He's a Labrador/Weimereiner mix and he's possibly the g-d most precious thing I've beheld in a while. I'm babysitting him during these early days while his Daddy (a friend of roommate and mine) is at work. Needless to say... he's adjusting to my office quite nicely:

He likes to hold hands.

I need them to work, and it breaks my heart to have to let his little paws go... :( Pout city.

My normal co-workers, the Prince and Sillyputty, aren't exactly thrilled. They'll just have to deal. Look at this little thing:

His name is still TBD. His Daddy is going with a decidedly German theme. Front running name options are Archibald, Ludwig, Ferdinand, Werner, Klaus. I can't fathom calling this little presh nugget anything so manly, but he is going to be a gigantic animal someday soon. (boo)

If you need me I'll be in the cute-atorium with my three co-workers. Be jealous.


  1. What a sweet, sweet puppy! He's so pretty (handsome?) and snuggly! I bet he would be perfect for my little Bella Beast to doggy date! :)

  2. Soooo cute! What a great mix!

  3. So adorable. Makes me want to run out and buy a puppy.

  4. He is truly one of the cutest puppies I've EVER SEEN!!


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