Jun 1, 2012

Fur Baby Friday

New linkup fun this afternoon!

This week I've gotten two separate photos of my little prince baby snuggled into stuff. He loves to get cuddly under my covers; like every night he sleeps between my legs under the covers. (Someday a husband is going to have a fight for that spot on his hands....) But lately, he's just been going ahead and snuggling up without me...

This one is just adorb city. I got out of bed to start my Tuesday, he didn't. He's in weekend sleep in mode every day. #luckylittlediva

Weird. If you can't tell, He's half under the bed, tucking himself in for a nap with the dust ruffle (which is made out of like a burlapish, very non snuggly material). You gotta give him creativity points on this one. It didn't last all that long. Turns out berber carpet and dust ruffle doesn't hold a candle to the bed and covers directly above. 

:) Love my fur baby.

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