Jun 15, 2012

Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy Friday everyone! Brace yourself for lots of random B.S. in this post., which is actually my favorite kind...

1. Hello. Today I have some rhyming wine-related news. YES.

This a wine Wine DRESS:
It's made ENTIRELY out of wine and natural, non-dangerous bacteria. It's one whole piece and is totally seamless. Why is the scientist that had the time/desire/curiosity for this? I need to meet him.

... and this is wine CHESS:
I think I just found a great new way to class up our biweekly girls nights...

(we do important things here at Poodleism. Didn't you know?)

2. You are your shoes. It's science, trust me. In a new study, participants were shown more than 200 pairs of shoes and were asked to guess the owner's gender, age, social status and different personality traits for each pair. Interesting. Read more about the findings here, but generally they found that people rarely choose shoes that portray traits different than their personality. In fact, you can judge 90% of someone's personality traits just by looking at their shoes! Crazy! For me, I'm semi lazy, thoroughly enjoy comfort and try to be  a little trendy want to give poor kids stuff . These are my current footwear obsession:


3. OctoMILF. That's at thing. It's a word that means "the Octomom is doing porn now."

Yes it's true. Sad, but true. The only reason I bring this to your attention is that I get copious chuckles out of her porn name being "OctoMILF." That's a pretty genius aspect of a pretty awful thing. What's a word that means "tiny bit of hilarity in a giant pile of depressing"?

4. Dogs even get sad when strangers cry. A new study out of the University of London shows that dogs feel empathy toward any human crying -- not just their owners. They used 18 dogs of different breeds and ages. They exposed the dogs to people crying, singing and talking. They found that more dogs reacted to the crying than the singing and didn't react to the talking at all. They approached, looked at or nuzzled the cryers far more than the other people. I have some thoughts... first of all, dogs really are the best, as if you didn't already know. Mine could be the best of the best:

(totally gratuitous Prince reference)

Secondly, why didn't they react to the talking? Should I stop discussing politics, my love life and the Bachelorette with the Prince baby? Is he not listening? I refuse to believe it. Whatever. Dogs are the best.

5. House Hunters is FAKE! 

According to multiple reports, the show is total B.S. They apparently only choose subjects who have closed on a home. So, the entire deliberation process, the pros/cons and the other house options are all fake. It's completely acted. Read more here. Also, the houses they tour as possible options aren't even for sale! They are often just friends' houses nearby! What the hell? We all know reality TV isn't real at all, but this one? Come on people, not my House Hunters. This fakeness better not apply to House Hunters International. It probably does, but I won't be able to quit that one, so I'm going to just pretend its real.

6. Joey Lawrence is in Chippendales. WHOA! Yep, you read that right. Joey Lawrence is a semi stripper. Who knew he had this bod?

Is he that washed up? Or that vain? Is it wrong that I'm really interested in this? He'll be performing at a limited engagement at the Rio in Vegas this summer. Get your tickets now. WHOA!

Have a wonderful weekend! I'll be exploring sweet (BF's) home Alabama! Beer me strength.


  1. Sorry to burst your bubble, but the International version is totally fake, too. I have friends that were on it.

  2. I love the wine chess (altho if I ever played it, I'm almost positive I'd never make it through more than 1/5 of the game).
    I love Toms.
    And I LOVE dogs....they're the best. This is just further proof of that!

  3. The wine chess set is pretty awesome. But fill it with vodka, and you’ve got yourself a match! I’m all about my TOMS right now too. I have five pairs and it’s all I wear in the summer. They are so ugly though. What does that say about me? Dogs are awesome. I think Joey is jealous of the Magic Mike hype. Haha. Really though, I had no idea celebs did this. Is it like the male Pussycat Dolls?

  4. WHO IS YOUR BF????


  5. I went through a period where I LOVED House Hunters. I'm glad I don't watch it anymore. This makes me kinda sad...if HGTV isn't real, what is?!

  6. Yes it's true...house hunters international is fake too. My sister was on an episode for her friend that was 'looking' for a place in Berlin...turns out they had already moved into that place months earlier. Oh well...still fun to make bets on.


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