Jun 14, 2012


Fun little link up today from a favorite bloggy friend and fellow Austinite...

It's all about what I'm into right now:

current book(s)
Yep, I'm on the bandwagon. Just started and LOVING it.

current playlist
They're not exactly new news, but I cannot get enough of Monsters and Men these days. I'm going to see them at a festival in July and am pumped!

current color
Its VERY RARE that I don't have my nails painted. I hate it. I'm going for a special treat mani/pedi at lunch today... I can't even show you naked nails.

current food
 breakfast of champions

current favorite show(s)
Emily Maynard is the g-d cutest thing of my life. Addicted.

current needs
I officially have the puppy bug. Me needs an apricot poodle baby like NOW.

current banes of my existence
The summer is here. Not officially, but for all intensive purposes it is. It's hot in Texas, y'all. UGH.

current celebrity crush
I'm still kind of reeling from Mad Men's Sunday's finale and have a larger-than-normal appetite for more. I had mixed feelings about the season as a whole, but one thing is for certain: Don Draper never goes out of style.

current #1 blessing
It's a three way tie.

current indulgence
I love the shiz out of these things. Always have. Lately I've been on a kick of buying them whenever I see them... TERRIBLE HABIT.

current outfit
I'm sorry you had to see that. I work from home. It's still the a.m., so I'm still in my jammies. Duh.

current excitement
Tonight I'm headed to for my first ever trip to Alabama for a wedding with my new-ish squeeze. I'm freaking. 

current mood
I'm a little overwhelmed about preparing for aforementioned trip. I'm leaving straight after work. I still have packing to do, nails to polish, poodles to cuddle and nerves to calm. EEEEK.

current favorite quote or verse
I'm working on getting some new hobbies. I'm in a bit of a creativity lull (have you noticed?). Gotta find something good to take my brain over...

current wishlist item
.... like I said, I'm kind of fixated on this right now. Thanks alot, puppy babysitee. 

current favorite product(s)
I feel like a pretty big square for putting up cleaning stuff, but I cannot get enough of Mrs. Meyer's Lavender scent. I've got the candle, hand soap, laundry detergent and bathroom cleaner. It's real lavendery up in my crib right now.

That's all folks! If you know of any poodle babies that need a good home, I'm apparently your girl. 


  1. awww those puppies are adorable!

    i am in my pjs still too :) love it!

  2. Gahhhh I love poodle puppies! Looking on puppyfind.com got me in trouble the first time....I looked the other day and they had others. I had to stop myself!
    Have so much fun at the wedding!!

  3. Those puppies are adorable! I've always loved poodles since I grew up with one.
    Have a wonderful weekend in Alabama with your fella!
    I love the 50 Shades trilogy & can't wait to reread it one day soon.
    Geez some days it's just so darn hot down here already :(

    Thanks for linking up! And keep an eye out for an Austin Meetup again

  4. I need to check out Of Monsters and Men. I love Little Talks. I miss Mad Men already. Have fun in Alabama! It’s a different world over there! Hahah. I’m in love with lemon Meyer’s!


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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