Jun 19, 2012

50 Shades of Gray in .GIFs

I've finally done it. I'm on the 50 Shades of Gray bandwagon. Bigtime. I started it this weekend on my trip (sidenote: don't start a semi porn book while on your first trip to your BF's family home. Too many thoughts).

I honestly don't know where to start. There are so many things. I'm on a bit of a .GIF kick, so I'll tell you about my reactions via this genius digital medium...

I didn't expect it to be as hardcore on the sex stuff as it is. When he took her to his special play room:

I've read most of it in crowded places so far. This makes me feel tense. It's like people know I'm reading about nipple clamps. Secret dangerous flirty feeling:

Then I just get amazingly addicted. Like can't look away. Why does it have this affect on me?

It shocks me every time when she even considers not giving him what he wants...

Take home point:  If sweet innocent Ana Steele can seduce him... we all can be seductresses. We're all smokin' hot women deep down somewhere. This is how I imaging my inner goddess:

Generally, the plot twists are good and it's a really great character study. I more than approve.


Tell me you aren't sick of the .GIFs. I might be just getting started...


  1. hahahah, love this post and ALl of the .GIF's!
    I've finished the first two and took a break. I used to read it on my Kindle while I commuted on the metro, and I always felt the need to tip my Kindle away from whoever I was sitting next to for fear they'd see something on the page about dirty this or that :)

  2. Want to bring books 2 and 3 up here for me to borrow when you finish? ;)

  3. SO not sick of the gifs! :)

    Can't wait to hear what you think of the next two books... I haven't finished the third, but I blasted through the first two super fast.

  4. I crack up so much when I hear people say the sex is hardcore - I feel like I'm reading EXTREMELY hardcore stuff compared to this (like in the Anita Blake and Black Dagger Brotherhood series) - and they aren't about sex. LOLOLOL

    Gifs rock :)

  5. Hahahahahaha I love this SO MUCH. You crack me up.

  6. Keep the GIFs coming! Hilarious post!

  7. I reciprocate your feelings. Big time. I read most of the first one at work. After very recently breaking up with a boyfriend. Yeah. As you say...lots of thoughts. No bueno. I just finished the second one and oh dear lord, you will NOT be disappointed!!


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