May 1, 2012

Photo a Day April 16-30

I already showed you some for this month, and here's the rest!

16 - Flower
Found these pretty roses on a bike ride in my neighborhood. 
(...almost feels a little too hipster to be typing that out.)

17 - Something You Don't Like

18 - Orange
Real, preservative-laden cheese balls. Addictive as ever.

18 - Hair
That's the top of my head on most work days. Gorge, I know.

20 - Something You Drew
Anyone else completely obsessed with DrawSomething?

21 - Bottle
Roommate and I were entertaining. Tasty sampler pack from Deschutes Brewery.

22- The Last Thing You Bought
MAC Longwear Lipstick in Impassioned. I'd been on a quest for this hue for weeks. FOUND!

23 - Vegetable
God bless Whole Foods. How does it always smell so good in there? Why do I want to buy one of all of these things?

 24 - Something You're Grateful For
Obvs. This little sweetcheeks wants to escape from the car. What would I do without faces like that?

25 - Looking Down
Me looking down on the Black Keys. Not a stellar photo, but was a stellar concert.

26 - Black + White
Really the only black and white thing in my room. This little baby has been to lots of homes with me. 

27 - Somewhere You Went
...out on the town with some favorite girlfriends

28 - 1pm
At 1pm on Saturday I was standing at the sink, getting the kitchen cleaned out to bake cupcakes for a baby shower. Too many dishes, too many cupcakes, baby showers..#whitegirlproblems

29 - Circle
Stolen coaster with my initial on it. It's only paper, but it's so badass. Had to steal.

30 - Something That Makes You Sad
An empty mailbox. I look forward to the possibility of surprise treasures every day. I should get over that...

That's all for April. I think I'm going on Photo A Day hiatus in May. I've lost my motivation, inspiration and creativity for it. That seems to be happening left and right...


  1. These are all great pictures. I too am obsessed with Draw Something (but that has been temporarily replaced by Scramble with Friends)....and I love cheese balls! Mmmm :) And poodles, too, of course!


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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