May 15, 2012


I've lost it. What, you ask? My blog mojo. I haven't forgotten about you Poodleism friends. In fact, I've been thinking about you more than ever. I just can't seem to get any fresh ideas. I feel frustrated as balls. I feel like this:

... and, without something creative to do with myself, also like this:

So help me. How do I get back to the bloggy equivalent of this:

(i love gifs. #dealwithit)

Bloggers, I need your wisdom. These are swirling around in my head...

Find a link up/giveaway/swap I'm excited about? (I've always regarded this as something of a end-of-my-rope approach, but we may be getting there)

Find a designer and give Poodleism a face lift? (Is that person reading this now? Comment please.)

What do you want to hear about? Do a questions day?

Stick to what I know? (quippy analysis of various internet-found absurdity)

Shut up and stop whining?

And here's a serious question: In this little hiatus, I've done some informal polling. Some Poodleism supporters in my real world want to hear more personal stuff. More of what I'm doing and my take on things going on around me. More recaps of my day-to-day. More talk of red bearded greatness. More photos of me and my loved ones. This is a STICKY topic for me. I've always been careful to keep my world my little world and Poodleism world its own thing. Is it time for a bridge? Should I just bite the bullet and get more personal? (warning: that could be a real can of worms for your readers). Thoughts?

Please, lord, comment on this. Or email me at casey{at}poodleism{dot}com. I miss you. I've got a few ideas for this upcoming week, but I don't feel psyched. I'm stuck.


  1. I think you should bridge the gap! You can still leave things off the blog that are too personal, but I think it will add a nice touch to your blog! Go for it!

  2. Bridge the gap! Personally I love reading about people's day to day. That, with the internet-found absurdities would be awesome! Also, loving those GIFs!

  3. well, I've been asking about red-bearded greatness for a few months now and

    Just FYI

  4. I love the 3rd one and I just went blank on what movie that was... loved it as a kid though!

    I love hearing the more personal stuff but I also love the "internet-found absurdities" too! Talking about personal things can be great. You just have to decide on your own line and then stick to it.

    Good luck!

  5. I love your blog as is, but I mixing it in with some personal posts is a great idea.

  6. YES personal. I mean we're already bff, but I'd love to read more about the day to day Poodleism life :) But of course--love anything and everything you post. I have totally been in a blog slump lately--maybe we'll get our mojo back soooooon!

  7. the dragon from never ending story looks like a fluffy dog=3




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