May 18, 2012

Friday, May 18, 2012

Hi and Happy Friday! I've got a HOT weekend ahead. Going on a little date night tonight, and more kickball playoffs tomorrow! WOOOOT! Here are some great nugs to get you through what's left of this day...

1. Coffee is keeping you from dying. Thank heavens. Something I'm addicted to is finally going into the "pro" column. (I'm waiting with bated breath for some good news about what cupcakes, Bravo TV and Malbec are doing to my body.) A new study indicates that people who drink coffee live longer. Here's the catch, it's not that coffee is the cause of a longer life, coffee drinking and long living just seem to occur together. Confusing, but I don't care. Validation city. This means most of my loved ones will still be truckin' with me when I'm older than time.
(Mom, get on board. You're literally the only one I can think of that's still shaving off years of your life with tea every morning.)

2. Mindy Kaling is getting her own show! I'm PSYCHED. Here's the trailer:

She's like my favorite ever right now. It's going to be on FOX Tuesdays this Fall. This and New Girl all on one night! Maybe too much. The only thing that sucks? Kelly Kapoor is leaving us. Womp, womp.

3. World, this is Cupcakewurst:

It's chocolate cupcake stuffed into a sausage casing. Terrible or amazing? I'm leaning amazing, honestly. I don't know how it could be bad. More importantly, I don't know where to start with the comedy gold mine that is the existence of a wiener full of chocolate. There's just too much.

4. Quote of the week:
"Before having Honor and Haven, I was super-critical of my looks and worried more about inevitable changes to my body. I couldn't even say the word 'sexy' to describe myself without feeling funny and awkward...Becoming a mom has definitely made me feel more confident and secure than I ever did in my 20s. Even though I can't ever get down to my pre-baby weight before having Honor, my jeans don't zip up the same way, and things just hang differently (all moms know how that goes!), I feel completely comfortable in my skin and my idea of perfection has changed. I don't really care about my body image anymore because it just doesn't matter now that I have children." --- the hideous Jessica Alba to iVillage
Really, give me a damn break. She felt awkward about how "sexy" she perceived she wasn't before having babies. But now she's confident. Don't worry guys, now she feels comfortable in her own skin. Jessica Alba, she's just like us! Not.

5.  2011's Top baby names have been announced. This always fascinates me. I think it's a really interesting look at our culture. Usually, there are some weird ones. Top 10 girls and boys names of 2011 were:

The Today Show attributes the popularity of "Mason" to little Mason Kardashian Disick. That's kind of a sad thought. I have a friend about to name her unborn Mason and I didn't even think of that. I bet she didn't either. I have another friend who might be having a Sophie soon. Other interesting tidbits: this is the first time the name "Michael" wasn't in the top 5 and the 13th straight year that Jacob has nabbed the top spot. Crazy! 

Welp, I'm close to descending into full weekend mode. Close. Painfully close. Come on, 5:30!


  1. I don’t drink coffee or wine. I’m going to die early. Haha! Mindy’s show is the one I’m most looking forward to. I don’t really love the romantic comedy genre, but she’s hilarious so I know she’ll make it work. Jessica Alba bugs me! These are all such old fashioned names. I’m also fascinated by baby naming. I worked in a preschool in college and all the girls were named Kailey, Kali, Kiley, Kayla, McKenna, McKenzie, McKayla. It’s just a trend, like having the purse everyone wants. I didn’t even want my kids’ names in the top 100 (but I didn't want them unusual or misspelled either). Nolan was 95 when he was born, now it’s at 81. At least I’m ahead of the curve! Milo is like 350. I’d hate for them to always be known as “Nolan M” or “the skinny Nolan” Hahaha. You should watch Freakanomics. There's an interesting segment about baby names.

  2. Christina, I have read Freakanomics and the part about names was super interesting! As for my kids names, they are not in the top 10...maybe not even in the top 25? Not sure really, but what I do know is that they are in the top 10 DOG NAMES every year. Not sure what tells you, but I'm not offended or bothered by it at all.

    PS The Jessica Alba part when you said "she's just like us" made me almost spit my drink out. So stinking funny, and she's absurd.

  3. I think I understand what Jessica Alba is saying because I almost feel that way too. Before I had kids, I really was awkward and uncomfortable and after kids, I'm fine (although I am in prebaby clothes, so that helps) - but I'm way more confident with my body now than I ever was before.

  4. I hear Mason and always think of the Kardashians. Definitely sad. My friend recently had a son and named him Mason, and when I asked her why she said something about the Mason Dixon line. Not sure if I believe that though.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. THe Mindy project looks sooo good! Though I may just be biased because I'm kind of in love with her:)


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