May 16, 2012

1979 Victoria's Secret

One of my favorite internet places recently blogged this genius nugget. It's a look at Victoria's Secret fashion from 1979. Enjoy this hilarity:

 The chick in the pants in the left photo is wearing what looks like 6 separate pieces of lingerie. What a production. The ladies on the right are in the weirdest positions. One even has a spaghetti neck.

The girl in the middle on the left is genuinely dressed like an Amish person. Love. Also, we better all smell good for this photo shoot. The silk curtain and silk plant are straight class, y'all.

What in the hell is this camera angle? Also, the casual needlepointing almost goes un-noticed. Almost. And who hasn't told blue bra about the dangers of tanning beds yet?? #lookslikealeatherbagin2012

Wonder who they're calling. Probably their perm stylist. Or maybe she's on hold with Domino's. I know that's who I call when I'm in full sexy mode with my BFFs.

 Sexy pantsuit. Need more. Need more now. Also, fake sky. Good touch.

A classy evening in:  you bring the teeny tiny wine glasses, I'll bring the classic literature. We gotta be sure somebody grabs the neck ribbons, too. 

(Side note: indoor silk potted plants might be one of my biggest pet peeves of all time. Every doctor's office, every old lady house, every hotel lobby... DRIVES ME NUTS. Each of these photos had one of them. If I were any of these models I'd never be able to ignore them and channel my sexy for the photoshoot.)

So, what does this all mean? It's ok if we haven't locked up just yet. It's ok if we slave on the elliptical and seemingly (and literally) get nowhere. It's ok to sleep in a ratty t-shirt. Our mothers only had to try to reach that bar of pop culture seksiness. We 're trying to stairmaster our way toward this one:


Don't get me started. Why, oh, why, can't it be 1979? I'd rock a sexy pantsuit like you wouldn't believe. And I would NEVER forget the neck ribbons. Never.


  1. Looks more like a Victorian secret! Good to have you back, dear!

  2. LOL, this post may be one of the best ever! Well done getting back onto the blogging horse, and with this one no less! I'd say you're back in the saddle again.....perhaps with a sexy neck ribbon ;) lol

  3. Hahahahah! So awesome! Neck ribbons. Hahahah!


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