Apr 3, 2012

March Photo a Day: 16 - 31

It might not seem like a lot, but I'm proud of myself for finishing the March Photo a Day Challenge. I might have had to play catch up here and there, but for the most part I did it! I posted about my first half of the month here, and these are the ones from the rest of the month!

16 - Sunglasses
Favorite. shades. ever. 

17 - Green
I'm one lucky lady. My St. Patrick's Day date was sweet enough to wear this gem around all day.

18 - A Corner of Your Home
This is my office. I affectionately refer to it as my "corner office", but it's really more of an office in the corner. I'm just noticing the awkwardness that is a a giant thing of lotion. I must have needed some serious moisturizing that day. You never can be too moist.

19 - Funny
The Prince with a whole kitty head in his mouth. Fangs bared, but not used.

 20 - Before / After
I hate naked nails. HATE.

 21 - Delicious
Sugar Cookie Bars = total tits.

22 - Kitchen Sink
You better believe we use the expensive hippie soaps. We have precious pups running amuck. No chemicals allowed. #firstworldproblems

 23 - Moon
Postcard from recent trip to Hawaii. Want to go back NOW.

 24 - An Animal
... like there's any other animal I'd even consider photographing. Happiness is a puppy in the bluebonnets... even if he's doing a death stare at a nearby squirrel.

 25 - Breakfast
Last morsel of a sprinkly donut. Not the best diet day. Whoops.

26 - Keys
My keys. I like to keep it to the bare minimum, which absolutely includes Purell. I may or may not be addicted to it. I keep reading frequent use effs with your immune system. If I weren't truly addicted, I'd stop.

27 - Your Name
My handwriting. Pure and simple.

 28 - Trash
From the looks of my garbage you'd think I live off of beer, wine, Topo Chico and greek yogurt. That's actually not all that far from the truth.

 29 - Feet
My feet, which are miniature for a woman my height. Also, new favorite nail color. Slapper by Butter London.

 30 - Toy
The dog toy box. Even after a recent purge, there are absurdly many. For them all to be collected in their actual spot like this is pretty rare. Typically the pups prefer to keep them strewn everywhere for easy access. Can't blame them I guess. I treat my shoes and clothes the same way.

 31 - Where You Relax
Beautiful Lake Austin. I'm lucky enough to have friends with boats. 

I think I'm going to do this again for April. I enjoy the little creative challenge each day. I also like feeling of finishing. Thats not a feeling I'm all that used to. :) Anyway, I'll report back on the 15th. Here's the challenge:


  1. I believe I will join you, I am a little late but I will play catch up!

  2. What's your instagram name? I just got it today :)

    I hate bare nails too! And I love your corner office!

  3. Love this...and that lake looks divine. Also, your pup is a cutie!


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