Apr 10, 2012

Happy Siblings Day!

Today is National Siblings Day! Hooray! This is the first I've heard of this holiday, and I'm psyched! Here's quick facts about my one and only sib:

Name: Bailey
Preferred Name: Nugget
Age: 20
Favorite foods: sandwiches, iced tea, omlettes, Whataburger
Favorite color: blue
Big nerd for: aquariums and all things ocean related
Favorite quote: "I believe that all anyone really wants in this world is to sit in peace and eat a sandwich" -- Liz Lemon

Yes, she looks freaking precious and I have feathered hair and weird adolescent posture.

Again, she's the freaking adorb recipient of a home makeover. I, again, am an awkward pre-teen

Something a little more current. 

The little nugget is finally kind of catching up to me in age (not really, but you know, like becoming a grownup) and I'm constantly impressed and proud of how witty, responsible, fun and just generally badass she's become. We're different in many ways, but oddly the same in others. I guess its a sisters thing. 

Heart my nugget. 

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