Apr 13, 2012

Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy Friday sweet friends! The them of this week has been recovery. Recovering from the veritable shitshow that was my birthday and Easter last week. Recovering from my super thug new neck tattoo. Recovering from a blog hiatus. So, without further adieu, here's the best nuggets of the week. Sidenote, a few of these stories aren't all that new, as they were planned for last week, but I only recycle the truly worthy. Yes! Also, you might notice a theme...

1. Hot dog-filled pizza. It's a real thing:
Pizza Has debuted this ridiculous thing in the U.K. It even comes with a FREE mustard drizzle FREE mustard drizzle! FREE! (!!!). Though the idea of a pig in a blanket type snack is fine with me, this grosses me out. I feel strange about combining two distinctly different meals into a single, calorie-blasted, mega meal. Why wouldn't they stuff the crust with a meat that is already in the pizza category? I think that would be perfectly fine. Do not like this. I'll probably have to try it someday just be be sure ;)

2. Brangelina won't be living in sin much longer. They're finally engaged! The papparazzi has snapped photos of her wearing a GIGANTOR custom diamond ring:

I guess they're finally tying the knot. They said for years that they won't get married until everyone in America can. I hope they plan to keep that up. Though I find that semi political martyrdom a little annoying, I agree with the principle. It seems pretty shitty of them to just get sick of waiting on bigotry to end and just get 'er done, right?I bet this is what he said to propose:

3. Quote of the week
"I carry McCormick's Pure Vanilla [in my purse] — the baking kind — and dab it on my neck. Men are attracted to the scent! One time, I put it on and four different guys were like, -'You smell amazing'" -- Jennifer Love Hewitt.
This is weird, no? The smell of vanilla honestly kind of reminds me of bad Glad Plug-Ins. I think of that every time I bake. Also, think how awful it would  be if that little bottle broke in her bag? I've cleaned that S off the kitchen floor enough times to tell you: not worth it. Though I did see that she's back on T.V.somewhere, this feels very "look at me, I'm quirky and relevent, everyone"-ish to me. Over her. She should...

4. Chick Fil A is expanding into food trucks. The first one will debut this month in Washington D.C:

 I can't decide where I shake down on this whole thing. Austin has a thriving, local, amazing food truck scene. In my mind, it's reserved for the hometown cuisine innovators that are just trying to get their start. I love it, and support it often. Now, my immediate reaction to a big national chain joining the band wagon is negative. But, we are talking about Chick Fil A here. Can't they do pretty much whatever they want? Dreaming of a  mobile chick nug stand kind of has my mouth watering. If I give them a pass, do I then have to accept the ridiculousness that is a Chipotle food truck that tries to nudge its way in to the business around town? I hate that freaking thing. This is how I feel:

....all I know is that I now need nuggets. Bad.

5. New Couple alert! Jason segel and Michelle Williams!

I like this. He's funny, she's talented (and a member of my beloved Dawson's Creek cast). According to the shining bastion of journalism that is US Weekly, he's already gotten in with her kid, too. I support these two. This is my official declaration. I'm sure that's what they've been waiting for. You're welcome.

6. ANCHORMAN SEQUEL is officially happening. Will Ferrell appeared on Conan as Ron Burgundy to announce that the second installment is really, truly actually going to go down.I was actually lucky enough to catch the announcement live. (Guess it's not that lucky, I watch it in bed most nights). Anyway,  I'm so excited! The big delay involved scheduling the entire cast to be in it. And they got it! I'm pumped:

(all Anchor man gifs from here)

Happy weekend all! I can't wait to enjoy mine!


  1. I feel bad for Jennifer Love! She totally gets pegged as this marriage-crazed spinster! And I'm afraid I talk about meeting men as much as she does! I saw a bit of her new show, based on a Lifetime movie she did last year, it's okay!

  2. I love that you themed it all with anchorman this week...can't wait for the sequel!

  3. So glad you're back from hiatus! And I love all the news you got this week! I only knew about Brangelina and Segel/Williams (seriously love those two...SW not the first).

    I remember when Pizza Hut or someone put cheese in the crust and that grossed me out too... just leave the crust alone!

    I love food trucks, but agree that chains should leave it to the local businesses. However, if I saw this truck in my town... I may cave. Just sayin.

    YAY for another Anchorman! Hope it's as good as the the first one! Hope you had a fab weekend!

  4. I was laughing about the J. Love Hewitt thing. She's in some new show about being a prostitute it looks like. Um...awesome? ha.

    I like Michelle Williams and Jason Segel, too. Super cute!

    And...that pizza sounds disgusting. I'd rather have my crust packed full of cheese!! MMMMM :)

  5. Hot dog filled pizza? Gross. Brangelina? Hypocrites and ugly ring. Come on, Brad! J. Love Hewitt? (Remember when she was trying to make “Love” as her first name happen?) She’s totally annoying. I’ve never really liked her, but I don’t really know why. Probably because she shares too much like this vanilla thing and vajazzling. I wouldn’t pass up Chick-fil-A from a truck! I’m totally on board with Michelle and Jason. I love all the anchorman gifs! The new movie should be hilarious.


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