Apr 26, 2012

Total Sports Domination

Last week I had what some would say is the sports week of my life (and I did play collegiate sports, too). OF. MY. LIFE.

First of all, at my kickball game, I caught TWO fly balls and got TWO people out.  I also got on base both times I was up to kick. Watch out world!

The real point of this story actually occurred the next night. Me and some friends spent a casual evening at Peter Pan Golf here in Austin. It's an ancient BYOB putt putt institution in town. Fun place. While we were there (and I was a couple pinots deep, I might add )...


Here's the evidence:

See holes 8 and 16. 

And me right after the first hole in one:

Though I'm astoundingly proud of this fact, it also worries me. Am I peaking? Am I my most badass version of myself right now? Will there be more greatness in my future, or is this it? AAAAAAHHH. I can't think too much about that, I've had this thought before and it stresses me out to no end. 

Anyway, just thought I'd brag on my sports dominance for a sec. More kickball tonight, we'll see if the streak continues. For now, Instagram record of the Peter Pan Golf expedition:

Apr 16, 2012

Photo a Day April: 1-15

Hi and Happy Monday all! Today I'm back in my old office in Dallas working for a few days. I decided to come up here and do some socializing with my old office pals. Sometimes you gotta mix it up a little, ya know? Anyway, another half month has gone by and I've got lots of fun pics from Fat Mum Slim's Photo a Day April Challenge. I also tweet them, so follow me if you aren't yet! 

1- Your Reflection
I hate a selfie mirror pic. HATE IT. So, whilst enjoying a delightful Kiehl's mask, I thought I'd just treat you all to this little gemstone and just fully commit. Highly recommend the mask

2 - Colour
Similar to switching out my clothes (coats to the back of the closet, shorts/skirts to the front) (#whitegirlproblems), I'm bringing out my spring and summer nail colors (#firstworldproblems). It's the most wonderful time of the year! 

3 - Mail
Here's a smattering of the birthday cards I've gotten so far. Yes, it's a day early, but they were just staring me in the face. I had to open. I have sweet friends!

4 - Someone Who Makes You Happy

5 - Tiny 
This is our roommate dog, Sillyputty. When he's cuddly, he has an odd knack for rolling himself in a VERY small little ball of wiener dog. PRESH city.

 6 - Lunch
Probably time to grocery shopping...

7 - Shadow
It was a lovely day for a shadow photo shoot, but the result was a very pear-shaped version of myself. I hope this isn't a glimpse at my figure future.

8 - Inside Your Wallet
$6 in cash. Typcial. 

9 - Younger You
Yes, that's a younger me channeling Ke$ha. Mullet: check. Facepaint: check. Neon bodysuit: check. ABSURD. 

10 - Cold
Our freezer. Cookies, ice cream and lean cuisine are major players. 

11 - Where You Ate Breakfast
Most everyday I eat breakfast and lunch here, in my corner office office in the corner.

12 - Stairs
These either lead to the afterlife or to my gym. One of the two.

 13 - Something You Found
Not a major score, but it will always be lucky. Whenever I find coins, I think of the year they were minted. It's from 2006. I was 20 years old. #totallydebaucheroustimeinmylife

14 - How You Feel Today
I'm waking up this morning with a super fun crawfish boil to go to with my best pal. It's going to be a great Saturday! I'm happy enough to doodle it!

15 - Sunset
I missed the sunset. So, I'm reminiscing about the best one I've ever seen. I took this last month in Hawaii. So. Awesome.

That's all for now! Stay tuned for the rest in 15ish days! I'm loving this challenge...
Apr 13, 2012

Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy Friday sweet friends! The them of this week has been recovery. Recovering from the veritable shitshow that was my birthday and Easter last week. Recovering from my super thug new neck tattoo. Recovering from a blog hiatus. So, without further adieu, here's the best nuggets of the week. Sidenote, a few of these stories aren't all that new, as they were planned for last week, but I only recycle the truly worthy. Yes! Also, you might notice a theme...

1. Hot dog-filled pizza. It's a real thing:
Pizza Has debuted this ridiculous thing in the U.K. It even comes with a FREE mustard drizzle FREE mustard drizzle! FREE! (!!!). Though the idea of a pig in a blanket type snack is fine with me, this grosses me out. I feel strange about combining two distinctly different meals into a single, calorie-blasted, mega meal. Why wouldn't they stuff the crust with a meat that is already in the pizza category? I think that would be perfectly fine. Do not like this. I'll probably have to try it someday just be be sure ;)

2. Brangelina won't be living in sin much longer. They're finally engaged! The papparazzi has snapped photos of her wearing a GIGANTOR custom diamond ring:

I guess they're finally tying the knot. They said for years that they won't get married until everyone in America can. I hope they plan to keep that up. Though I find that semi political martyrdom a little annoying, I agree with the principle. It seems pretty shitty of them to just get sick of waiting on bigotry to end and just get 'er done, right?I bet this is what he said to propose:

3. Quote of the week
"I carry McCormick's Pure Vanilla [in my purse] — the baking kind — and dab it on my neck. Men are attracted to the scent! One time, I put it on and four different guys were like, -'You smell amazing'" -- Jennifer Love Hewitt.
This is weird, no? The smell of vanilla honestly kind of reminds me of bad Glad Plug-Ins. I think of that every time I bake. Also, think how awful it would  be if that little bottle broke in her bag? I've cleaned that S off the kitchen floor enough times to tell you: not worth it. Though I did see that she's back on T.V.somewhere, this feels very "look at me, I'm quirky and relevent, everyone"-ish to me. Over her. She should...

4. Chick Fil A is expanding into food trucks. The first one will debut this month in Washington D.C:

 I can't decide where I shake down on this whole thing. Austin has a thriving, local, amazing food truck scene. In my mind, it's reserved for the hometown cuisine innovators that are just trying to get their start. I love it, and support it often. Now, my immediate reaction to a big national chain joining the band wagon is negative. But, we are talking about Chick Fil A here. Can't they do pretty much whatever they want? Dreaming of a  mobile chick nug stand kind of has my mouth watering. If I give them a pass, do I then have to accept the ridiculousness that is a Chipotle food truck that tries to nudge its way in to the business around town? I hate that freaking thing. This is how I feel:

....all I know is that I now need nuggets. Bad.

5. New Couple alert! Jason segel and Michelle Williams!

I like this. He's funny, she's talented (and a member of my beloved Dawson's Creek cast). According to the shining bastion of journalism that is US Weekly, he's already gotten in with her kid, too. I support these two. This is my official declaration. I'm sure that's what they've been waiting for. You're welcome.

6. ANCHORMAN SEQUEL is officially happening. Will Ferrell appeared on Conan as Ron Burgundy to announce that the second installment is really, truly actually going to go down.I was actually lucky enough to catch the announcement live. (Guess it's not that lucky, I watch it in bed most nights). Anyway,  I'm so excited! The big delay involved scheduling the entire cast to be in it. And they got it! I'm pumped:

(all Anchor man gifs from here)

Happy weekend all! I can't wait to enjoy mine!
Apr 12, 2012

Fresh tat

I got a tattoo. I've wanted one a long time. So, on a random Tuesday night, I went and just got 'er done. Though there is an inherent feeling of badassness about getting a tattoo (on your neck no less), I really feel as square as possible about how I approached the whole thing. I've had a design in mind for almost a year, and spent about the same time whittling down my short list of locations on the body. It was very calculated. I guess that's not square, but rather adultish. (what the hell?) Anyway, here's how it all went down, and my thoughts about the whole process...

I came in with a very clear idea of the simple design I wanted to get. The man just sketched up quickly (like a champ, I might add) and put it on me as a temporary tattoo to check out. I'm already starting to freak a little at this point. Note the look of pure terror in my eyes:

(Quick piece of mini commentary: The man lying in the bed next to me, who I was WAY too close to for my comfort, had his pants unbuttoned all the away  and was getting some snakey/dragony thing around his pelvis area. I could see way too much of his body out of my side eye. Not in a good way. SUPREMELY distracting. I tried to get my cameraman to capture a little bit of that awkwardness, but he refused on the grounds that its a man with his pants unbuttoned. Fair enough.)

To actually get the thing, I sad down in this little seat and put my head down. It made me nervous to no end to not know what was going on around me. There were probably like 5 other tattoo artists in the shop buzzing away with their little needle gun thingys and I couldn't tell if my guy was coming at me. He was lovely and gave me plenty of warning. Here we go:

(Tip: closing your eyes doesn't do anything.)
(Also, the sweet tattoo artist, Donnie, showed me a few of his tattoos. The ones you can see here look normal enough. But he hiked his shorts up (yes, I saw his butt cheek) and showed me a GIANT TIGER/LEOPARD thing across his thighs. I'm going to go ahead and call that and pelvis man the weirdest parts of it all. I was totally unprepared for how much man I saw in that tiny shop)

The whole thing probably took 5 minutes or less. That shocked me. When he was actually doing it, it felt kind of like an extended cat scratch (BTW, me using this analogy when I tell this story does nothing but heighten my distaste for cats). I was prepared for excrutiating pain. Don't get me wrong, it didn't feel good, but really not that bad. I guess the guy thought I was going to be a wiggler, because most of his body weight is on top of my shoulders keeping me still. It was a disarmingly intimate amount of body contact with a stranger:

Finally it was done!

What's that design, you ask? It's obviously Texas. But, the hearts are situated over particular cities that hold sentimental value for me. Remember the Christmas Tour De Texas? It's essentially the road map of that sojourn. It highlights where I grew up in Houston and the two small towns where my parents are from and our extended family lives. As sad as it may be to think about, I've lost three of my four grandparents and I wanted this little piece of imagery to remind me of who made me who I am today. Also, that annual road trip is one of my favorite traditions (though I groan at the hours in the car) that just our family shares. I'm really happy with it and proud. 

Another look:

Overall, it's so weird. I woke up the next morning and my first thought was really "I have a tattoo. Weird". A couple of days later, it stings a little and shampooing my hair is pretty much torture. But, I'm thrilled with it. And proud of myself for just biting the bullet and doing something I felt like doing. I am a grownass woman after all. :)
Apr 10, 2012

Happy Siblings Day!

Today is National Siblings Day! Hooray! This is the first I've heard of this holiday, and I'm psyched! Here's quick facts about my one and only sib:

Name: Bailey
Preferred Name: Nugget
Age: 20
Favorite foods: sandwiches, iced tea, omlettes, Whataburger
Favorite color: blue
Big nerd for: aquariums and all things ocean related
Favorite quote: "I believe that all anyone really wants in this world is to sit in peace and eat a sandwich" -- Liz Lemon

Yes, she looks freaking precious and I have feathered hair and weird adolescent posture.

Again, she's the freaking adorb recipient of a home makeover. I, again, am an awkward pre-teen

Something a little more current. 

The little nugget is finally kind of catching up to me in age (not really, but you know, like becoming a grownup) and I'm constantly impressed and proud of how witty, responsible, fun and just generally badass she's become. We're different in many ways, but oddly the same in others. I guess its a sisters thing. 

Heart my nugget. 
Apr 4, 2012


Today is my 26th birthday!

I've got so much to be excited about in my 26th year. I love where I live, I've got a wonderful poodle baby, I'm making tons of exciting new friends and am generally just thrilled to be movin' and shakin'. Despite all that, I'm feeling a little old. 26 still counts as mid-twenties, right? Let's hope. Is it wrong that one of my favorite parts of today is a calorie cheat day?

I've learned (some I already knew) these interesting facts about then number 26:
- A rhombicuboctahedron is a shape with twenty-six sides.
-  There are 26 letters in the alphabet
-  There are 26 bones in the normal human foot and ankle. 
-  In a normal deck of cards, there are 26 red cards and 26 black cards. 
-  There are 26 miles in a marathon
- No team in the NBA or NFL has retired the jersey number 26

Wasn't that informative?

Anyway, tonight I've got a fun dinner and drinks outing with friends planned and I cannot stinking wait! 

It was recently (excactly a week ago) Lady Gaga's 26th birthday, so I found this little nugget:

When you think of me in birthday mode, just imagine that. Excited!
Apr 3, 2012

March Photo a Day: 16 - 31

It might not seem like a lot, but I'm proud of myself for finishing the March Photo a Day Challenge. I might have had to play catch up here and there, but for the most part I did it! I posted about my first half of the month here, and these are the ones from the rest of the month!

16 - Sunglasses
Favorite. shades. ever. 

17 - Green
I'm one lucky lady. My St. Patrick's Day date was sweet enough to wear this gem around all day.

18 - A Corner of Your Home
This is my office. I affectionately refer to it as my "corner office", but it's really more of an office in the corner. I'm just noticing the awkwardness that is a a giant thing of lotion. I must have needed some serious moisturizing that day. You never can be too moist.

19 - Funny
The Prince with a whole kitty head in his mouth. Fangs bared, but not used.

 20 - Before / After
I hate naked nails. HATE.

 21 - Delicious
Sugar Cookie Bars = total tits.

22 - Kitchen Sink
You better believe we use the expensive hippie soaps. We have precious pups running amuck. No chemicals allowed. #firstworldproblems

 23 - Moon
Postcard from recent trip to Hawaii. Want to go back NOW.

 24 - An Animal
... like there's any other animal I'd even consider photographing. Happiness is a puppy in the bluebonnets... even if he's doing a death stare at a nearby squirrel.

 25 - Breakfast
Last morsel of a sprinkly donut. Not the best diet day. Whoops.

26 - Keys
My keys. I like to keep it to the bare minimum, which absolutely includes Purell. I may or may not be addicted to it. I keep reading frequent use effs with your immune system. If I weren't truly addicted, I'd stop.

27 - Your Name
My handwriting. Pure and simple.

 28 - Trash
From the looks of my garbage you'd think I live off of beer, wine, Topo Chico and greek yogurt. That's actually not all that far from the truth.

 29 - Feet
My feet, which are miniature for a woman my height. Also, new favorite nail color. Slapper by Butter London.

 30 - Toy
The dog toy box. Even after a recent purge, there are absurdly many. For them all to be collected in their actual spot like this is pretty rare. Typically the pups prefer to keep them strewn everywhere for easy access. Can't blame them I guess. I treat my shoes and clothes the same way.

 31 - Where You Relax
Beautiful Lake Austin. I'm lucky enough to have friends with boats. 

I think I'm going to do this again for April. I enjoy the little creative challenge each day. I also like feeling of finishing. Thats not a feeling I'm all that used to. :) Anyway, I'll report back on the 15th. Here's the challenge:



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