Mar 28, 2012

Twins Toilet

This weekend, I went to see some friends' band play (someone close to me is the drummer) and beheld a truly puzzling sight. The ladies bathroom had these inside:

One door. One room. No partition.

(Please reserve judgement on the places that I hang out. 
From the looks of this bathroom you'd think I'm a meth-head teenager.)

There truly were 2 planned toilets in the single bathroom. The whole evening I scratched my head about what it could be for. 

I can't name a single friend (outside of inebriated tandem vomiting, which hasn't happened in a long time) that I'd be willing to use a toilet right next to ... while she was also using one. Friend in the same room? No big deal, happens all the time. When else can we gossip? Rubbing shoulders with friend while we both have a personal toilet moment? I don't think so. They're really close. Literally touching shoulders close.

Later in the night the right one seemed to fail, so I guess this arrangement is for planned plumbing failure, which isn't too bad of a thing if you've ever been to the ladies room in a crowded scuzzy bar. 

Generally, weird. But, at the end of the night, I was grateful for that extra throne. Maybe it isn't weird, maybe it's genius.


  1. Ummmmmmmm. Definitely weird. LOL

  2. Just found you from Jenn's blog!

    new follower :) xoxo

  3. Oh my god, I saw that at a restaurant in Lubbock once. I was so freaked!

  4. So weird!!! I would never be able to go. Stage fright! Hahaha.

  5. Hahaha, just saw this. Man, 2 toilets would have come in handy way back when... :) Now, agreed, kinda gross.

  6. I just found this post and would like to report that Emily and I used these toilets just before they played and she even did a lil vocal warmup while we peed...together. We are best friends.


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