Mar 20, 2012

Target Tuesday: Spring Frocks

I hate pants. I always have. So now that it's spring, I need to stock up on some dresses to get me through the 80% of the Texas year that is scalding hot. Per usual, the Targ can deliver. So, for today's ...

... I have frocks on the brain:

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One shoulder is my hot new thing. I kind of learned it from the little nugget, she's the asymmetry master.

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Being blonde, I never thought i could pull this color off. Time to attempt?

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Ruffly girliness, can't go wrong.

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Black and white. Need. 

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This is a little frillier than my usual, but I like the periwinkle. 
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The top kind of reminds me of Madonna cone boobs. Like.

Well, I think I just figured out where I need to go over my lunch hour....

Also, do not forget to go enter my giveaway! It's open until Sunday!


  1. All the dresses are soooo cute! I swear these Target Tuesday posts are bad news. I come out of them NEEDING so many new things!

  2. Wow, they are all super cute! Love love love! I need to get myself to the Targ asap anyway...and now I have a reason to peruse the dress area too :)

  3. LOVVEEEEE that first dress!!!!

  4. That second dress comes in yellow/gold and navy... two of my favorite colors. bad news bears for me next time I'm at Target!

    Chris @ Chubbette Tales... Life After Spanx.


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