Mar 22, 2012

Sugar Cookie Bars - TASTY

Happy Thursday! I found a delectable new recipe to report. I originally found it via a sweet bloggy friend's Pinterest....of course.


(I've included this fancy pic because mine are all iPhoney ...partly due to the gross fluorescent lighting in my kitchen)

Find the complete recipe here. Though all elements of the tasty treats are from scratch, it was still SUPER easy and oh-so tasty. Here's my quick run-down of how to make it:

1. Like many baked treats, first mix up the wet ingredients:

Any seasoned fat kid baker knows this is the best phase for batter licking. I'll tell you this one was particularly fabulous.

2. Mix the dry ingredients:

Most. boring. part ever.

3. Combine the two bowls and press the dough into a greased baking pan:

LOTS-O-DOUGH. Try not to put your face into it and just eat. It's hard for me to resist.

4. Bake for 10-15 minutes (according to the recipe) until the top is a little golden-ish and crispy:

Of course, I had to bake for almost double the time. I attribute this to either undercooking paranoia (which runs rampant in me), my shitty oven or both.

5. While it's cooling, make the icing: 

This is one of my first attempts at fresh, from scratch, frosting. I don't care what kind of "culinary aficionado" you are, don't ever tell me shortening isn't disgusting. It's disgusting. There's lots in this icing, which made me nauseous at first, but had a delicious results. I don't know what else will achieve you the perfect creamy consistency. I'm going to have to surrender to the Crisco this time. Just this time.

6. When the cookie cake thingy has cooled, spread on the icing and cute it up with sprinkles:

Both precious and tasty.

This recipe is headed to my go-to repertoire. The adults I fed it to ate  it (mostly) up:

But, it would be also really good for like hoards of children... if you're into that kind of thing. No cookie cutters or rolling out little cookie balls. No individual icing. It's a lazy person's sugar cookie, which is the kind of thing I'm in to. 

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  1. Yay!! Be careful... they're addicting and co-workers will pester you until you bake them again!! ;) xoxox

  2. Oh my goodness, I need to make these! Looks so yum. Yes, I agree - the best taste testing part is after the wet ingredients are mixed ;)


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