Mar 5, 2012

SNL - the good and the bad

Lately I've been getting back into SNL. This week (Lindsay Lohan was hosting) didn't totally thrill me, but there was one pretty genius sketch. The Real Housewives of Disney!

BAHAHAHAHAHA. I wish so bad that were a real show. SO bad.

Anway, while we're on this topic, I don't know what to say about poor Lindsay Lohan. The photos of her to promote the episode looked pretty decent:

But actually on the air, I thought she was a total wreck. Her face has had work (lots more than is ok for a 25 year old) and she just kind of stood around during most of the sketches she was in. All the other actors were shining bright and she was sort of just there. I'm all for a comeback, but too soon. How did she even get this gig? Poor Lohan. I'm trying to root for her. She's making it hard. 


  1. SNL has been so hilarious lately. I haven’t watched LiLo’s episode yet, but I’ve read everywhere that it wasn’t very good. I was rooting for her! I heard she called Lorne and asked him to be on to jump start her career.

  2. Back in the day, I really wanted her to get her shit together and get back out there. I think she's too far gone now. As sad as that is, seriously...too far gone.

  3. I loved the SNL skit! SOOO freaking funny (and sadly, realistic of the actual RH shows). SNL has definitely been stepping it up a notch lately, and I'm glad :)

  4. It's like when Britney came back too soon. Just sad. I totally agree about the Real Housewives of Disney. I would watch that!!!

    But there's hope for LiLo. Just look at Britney now.


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