Mar 16, 2012

March Photo A Day: 1-15

Happy Friday!!! Today I'm struggling hard to get thru my day to get out and join the SXSW Music Festival mayhem this evening. All my friends working for Austin companies are off work today to party and I'm stuck at home working away. Boo. It feels like I'm in time out. Boo. 

So far this week though.. I've managed to catch Lucero, Santigold, Walk the Moon, Alberta Cross and several other little acts. It's been super fun! 

Throughout this month, I've been participating in Fat Mum Slim's March Photo a Day Challenge. I've thoroughly enjoyed it. It gives me a little assignment each day. I've done it mostly everyday, but had to play catch up a bit. I've also been trying to tweet them evekryAnyway, here's what I've snapped for the first half of the month...

1 - Up
This is a look up into the trees from my front porch. It's really Halloween-y looking for a March evening.

2 - Fruit
This is my everyday go-to breakfast of greek yogurt, honey and fruits. MMMM.

3 - Your Neighborhood
I'm lucky to live near the flourishing artistic South Congress district in Austin. A street-side banjoman is a normal sighting. Interesting fact: just before we ran into this man on the street, me and roommate nearly backed our car into him. That would have been a tragedy.

4 - Bedside
Here's my little bed corner. Necessities include: glasses (duh), remotes, water, tissues. The light shining in from the right is a window that I sometimes love, but mostly hate for being so close to my face in the mornings. 

5 - A Smile
This is the real-life version of the illusive red beard I've recently alluded to.

6 - 5PM
My home office is puppy cuddle central, especially in the late afternoon. This particular day, the Prince clearly wasn't energized for a 5PM happy hour. 

7 - Something You Wore
Favorite ever soft Longhorn t-shirt. I could wear it everyday.

8 - Window
This was the view from our hotel room during my recent trip to Fort Myers Beach. The giant picture window took up most of one wall and was genuinely breathtaking. I'd definitely go back there someday.

9 - Red
Random red thing at the food stand I patronized. Might or might not have been scrambling. The funny thing is that I'd never, ever eat Sriracha sauce. Way too spicy for my little taste buds.

10 - Loud
My washing machine genuinely sounds like there are 2 dwarfs cage fighting inside. There's probably something wrong with it, but it seems to do its job ok, albeit loudly. Thanks Craigslist!

11 - Someone You Talked To Today
...getting less and less illusive.

12 - Fork
I scratched my head all day on how to make this interesting/creative. But, I hate nothing but finger foods the whole day. Silverware drawer had to do.

13 - A Sign
SXSW is in full swing. There are so many visitors it's just ridiculous. This sign (handwritten and posted by a concerned citizen on a downtown street lamp) pretty much sums up how we feel about the L.A. and New York douchery invading our perfect city. My posse of locals ran into it between shows and got a good giggle. We had a visitor from Londoner in our midst and she might have felt pretty weird.

14 - Clouds
Waiting for my dinner at sunset. Not a bad sight to see.

15 - Car
This car has been on the street for sale two doors down for me for weeks. I don't know what it is, but I know it's old and cool looking. It costs $7,500. I want it, but really don't know what I'd do with it. 

Like I said, I've had such a fun time with this little assignment. I may even try it again next month! Get excited for the 2nd half of march!


  1. Yay! I’m playing along too. It’s fun, but my pictures are not that creative. Yours are great. Your view at Fort Myers?! So jealous! And pretty clouds shot!

  2. Love the photos...especially of the hot sauce...I love that stuff.


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