Mar 27, 2012

Hunger Games Recap

This weekend I beheld that magnificence that is the Hunger Games. Loved. Every. Second. Some thoughts:

1. Overall, I thought it was really, really well art directed. I though imagery of both District 12...

... and the Capitol ... 

... were spot on. ...just to name two. It was mostly just how I imagined.

2. Jennifer Lawrence hit it out of the park.

She managed to really capture the millions of dimensions of Katniss that were so well-articulated in words. A star is born.

3. The "Girl on Fire" dresses blew my brain apart.

4. Haymitch = genius.

Woody Harrelson was just playing himself, right?

5. The sad Rue parts made me tear up. 

I mean serious, flowing tears. It was like Nicolas Sparks-caliber cinema tears.

6. Gale is the dreamiest sonofaB I've absorbed in a while:

Consider this his official induction into the Fantasy Boyfriends Club. He was on Conan last night, too. Though a true sexpot, he really didn't have much personality. That might explain the whole Miley-is-his-girlfriend tragedy. Hey, the club doesn't exist for wit and brains.

Really, this glowing of a review is pretty rare from me. I tend to be a harsh critic and I LOVED the Hunger Games. There were a couple of liberties taken with the plot (somewhat minor ones) and some character buildup left out, but you gotta get it all into a couple hours, so I get it. I would have watched another hour of movie to get it all, but whatever. I might have to go see this one again. 


  1. I thought the same thing! I wanted to see so much more of everyone that I would have been happy to see a four hour movie. Hahah! I really did love it though! I already want to see it again.

  2. I completely agree with your take. I heard that the author was the actual screen writer for this movie...which I think helped make things how we pictured while reading. Sooo good.


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