Mar 14, 2012

How Pinteresting - Festival Wear

I've missed Pinterest lately as much as I've missed blogging. So, today I'm doing this:

Go link up at The Vintage Apple.

Since it's SXSW festival here in Austin, today I've been pinning it up cute festival outfits. Honestly this is everything you need:
My personal go-to festival wear includes pretty similar stuff:

Jorts. I love these because they're still cute/short, but not all Hollistery looking.

Converse. I cannot stand to walk all around town without shoes and proper socks. Sometimes it makes me feel like a 70-year-old tourist, but Converse All Stars kind of bridge that geriatric need with cuteness.

Good Over The Shoulder Bag. Gotta be hands free to bust your moves. Just Gotta. Also, need tons of space for supplies and secret stowaway beers. Love this: 

Wayfarers. They'll never be out of style.

Wish all of you were festival-ing it up with me this weekend! If you are, I'll be the one in jorts and tennies!


  1. I love my blue converses in the summer. They go with capris, shorts, jeans. Perfect! I actually might like some pink ones..hmm

  2. Hahah! I NEED socks too! I love the color of those sunnies! Have fun!!!


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