Mar 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Texas!

Before we begin, soundtrack for this post:

Deep In The Heart Of Texas by Bing Crosby on Grooveshark

Today is Texas Independence Day! This may be a new thing for some of you in other parts of this great nation, but here we don't mess around with Texas Independence Day. It's the 176th anniversary of Texas declaring it's independence from Mexico, becoming it's own republic in 1836.

Here in the capitol city, people are really Texas-ing out. I love it. Everyone seems to adopt a "my state is the most badass-est ever" attitude. A little pride never hurt anyone, right? 

So, to join in the spirit, here are a few of my most favorite Texas things:

The Hill Country:

I think my favorite place in the world take a drive and relax. It's where I'll get married and where' I'll retire.

The Houston Rodeo:

I'm not going to be able to make it this year, but it's like one of the funnest things of all time. 

Various tasty products we're spoiled with:

Cowboy boots:

One of my favorite kinds of footwear. I'm currently in the market for new ones and have been deliberating like a psycho about which ones for months.

Tex Mex. A favorite:

Yes, it is sort of a Mexican thing, but we have some of the best. 


Lots of classics...
But we've got good jams of all sorts:

(classic in my book) 


We Texans love our Texas. And I love that.

Happy Independence Day, Y'all!


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