Mar 21, 2012

Fighting Like Cats and Dogs

The Prince is a gentle creature. Gentle to the point that it's just funny. He recently got into what I'll call a "tiff" with a kitten. I'm using the word "kitten" specifically.

When faced with Jester the "kitten" (who wanted to rumble), he opted to ever-so-carefully wrestle:

Though this little match brought me infinite glee, I worry what would happen if my faithful guard dog would ever have to do any real "guarding" of me.. or if he ever got into a real fight? I love that he's a ginger little creature who loves cuddles more than catfights, but is it wrong to hope for a tiny bit of ferocity in your canine protector?

I mean look at this:

He genuinely has a whole kitty head in his mouth and chooses not to chomp. Ridiculous little poodle. 

He is the hippiest poodle I know. He literally wants to make love and not war. I snapped this risque-looking stalemate in their battle:

Gah, I love that little dog. So much.

Thankfully (because we see Jester all the time), it's looking like Jester the Kitty and the Prince will remain BFFs.

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  1. hahaha that's awesome. Im pretty sure Cooper is just as gentle as the Prince is....sometimes it's amusing how quickly he rolls over onto his back to show that he is so NOT the alpha (more like the zeta) haha.
    I'm glad the two will continue to get along tho :)

  2. I always pictured him so much bigger. He’s a cute little guy!


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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